Slythe, instead of moving threads or arguing about phrasing, why not edit them?

You always say “if only the dependant clause had come first we could keep this here. Sigh!”

Well, just edit it. I’ve seen other mods edit things, and just add [edited by johnqmoderator].

It would make the resulting thread a lot more readable, than when it’s filled with phrasing arguments.

And it must be easy to do. Other boards do it “on the fly”, when you’ve posted and before you went to a new thread.

(Just a thought! Don’t get upset and ban me OK?)

Well, there’s the fact that slythe can’t read the OP’s mind and thus has to assume that the way the OP phrased the topic is how the OP actually wants the topic addressed. I’ve never seen any mod edit an OP to change the meaning of it, have you?

slythe just moved OpalCat’s thread,got OpalCat upset and redid her thread so it would appear here.

A lot of work for nothing, I say.

Look, I’m new at this game, and will probably make a few boo-boos along the way. I like to keep the actual editing down to a minimum, and I don’t mind a little extra work to correct mistakes I might make. :slight_smile:

Let me get this straight. You are claiming you have seen the OP of a thread get edited to change the meaning of what the poster was asking (i.e. not to, for example, remove unacceptable content)? Where have you seen this?

Kat he alrady told you the opalcat thread

I’m inclined to cut Slythe some slack about almost everyting…except that he’s getting the chocolate forum! What gives? I out-rank him, and I’m much senior to him!

Lynn, if you have an opinion about where the chocolate forums should go, start a thread. This is just the place to do so! :slight_smile:

:rolleyes: Not only did slythe not edit Opalcat’s thread, but Bullroar never says that slythe edited Opalcat’s thread.

Just ftr, I’d like to state that I’d rather not have a mod trying to reword my OPs to save themselves from moving them and perhaps have them end up saying or asking something completely different than what I truly wanted to say or ask.

Kat’s right. We’re not in the business of mind reading (damned crystal ball is in the shop again!). We don’t edit people’s questions to make them conform to what we think they should be. If they’re in the wrong section, we move 'em.

(I should note that this is the very first thread I’ve read here in IMHO, and I don’t know what may have precipitated it. However, what I’ve said here is what we’ve been doing since I’ve been a moderator, and probably since the board started.)