Small gift for beautiful girlfriend: suggestions?


Tomorrow I’m going to visit my girlfriend of 6 months who lives a few hours away. I’m going to spend the weekend with her, which I often do.

I’ve brought flowers a few times, which she totally appreciates. But this time I’d like to give her something a step above flowers, or at least something different. Something that falls between the $10 - $20 range . . . I just want to give a small gift that shows I care.

Any suggestions? Doper ladies . . . what would you like to receive under these circumstances?

a nice bottle of wine to share

hit up a department store and see if there is any decent looking jewelry in that price range

or just come with the supplies to make her a nice dinner… and then make it for her

Cheesy, but I’d go with a stuffed animal.

Pens are always good. In that price range, fancy fountain pens are out of the question, but fairly nice ball point or rollerball pens can be gotten.

CDs and DVDs also fall into this price range.

Ooooooh, I like the stuffed animal idea! I think she would love that.

The wine idea is also excellent, but cooking and drinking wine is already the bulk of our activities.

The pen idea is good, but knowing her I think that she’d prefer a stuffed animal.

Keep 'em coming! Thank you very much!

Give her a photo album with pictures of you in it.

You like wine and cooking, do you tend to eat together just the two of you? If you havn’t got any yet, get a nice pair of candles and candlesticks. Then dinner by candle light.
Depending on how intimate you are small clothing items (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) can be a good idea as well.

A movie that you can watch together.

A favorite CD of yours. Something to make her think of you.

Scented body soap or lotion, again so she thinks of you when she uses it (plis you can test it out before you leave)

Another vote for a stuffed animal. I’m 46, and I STILL love them. I’ve got a couple of computer pets, and a realistic looking kitten that goes to the hospital with me to keep me from missing my real cats quite so much.

Write a little note, punch a hole in it, and tie it on the animal’s neck with a ribbon.

Right- plush animal. Note that if it holds a rose, or something else, it can be a “double-barreled” gift.

If she likes jewelry, a bracelet? You can find them in the $10-20 range for sure.

Another vote for small jewelry - maybe a nice little bracelet. I also love Bippy’s idea of the candles and candlesticks - maybe you could find a nice pair in an antique shop. It would be a little something that she would keep for a very long time.

DVDs are nice, but how sentimental are they?

Whatever you give her, include a nice love letter with it. And have a great weekend!

Massage oil. Offer to demonstrate how it works.

Vote against the stuffed animal. She’ll just throw it away if you guys break up.

DVDs are much harder to bring yourself to toss, though.

When I visited fizzy for the first time, I brought a present for her that I’d actually gotten more than a month earlier. I’d told her I’d gotten her something, and figured the best thing would be to give it to her in person (this was not the sole reason for my visit:)).

She, and her friends, were awwwwww-ing for a solid week thereafter. Any tension that might have arisen was gone. Utterly gone.

And the present? “Someone at [school I was attending] loves you” on a t-shirt on a little stuffed brown bear cub … not much bigger than your hand.

She still has it, along with a bigger one I got her to replace the one her ex had given her (she sleeps with a stuffed bear for the comfort).

It’s the little things.

I think a stuffed animal would be a great idea. I don’t know if there are any in your area, but there are a couple stores around here that let you pick out a toy animal’s fur color, clothes, and accessories, then let you stuff it yourself.

If she likes displaying things on her desk or nightstand, you could get her something from Hallmark. I think those little delicate crystal roses are just gorgeous. Even though they might be a little cheesy, the Precious Moments figurines are very cute.

Anyone giving me a stuffed animal after six months would merely be proving that they did not know me. I’d be pissed off. Unless a very personally specific joke was involved.

If you don’t yet know her tastes well enough to pick for yourself (after 6 months? why?) some fairly safe things are scented candles, bath oils, classy chocolates, fancy foods. But it would be so much nicer to choose something personal. A CD or book you know she’d like. Accessories for whatever her hobby is - whether that be a set of wild LED blinking glowsticks, quality needlework scissors, a pair of gardening gloves, or a miniature dragon figurine…

Its the Teddy Bear Factory. Every time I go to the mall I have to go in and look. I would love to receive a made just for me teddy bear.

A thong bikini…let her know that you’dlove to see her wearing it! You can get a real skimpy one for less than $20.00!

And perhaps a matching scented candle? Whenever she lights it, she can think of you.