Small plane wreck on the 101 n

I came in to work early today to cover for a guy. Had I came in at more usual time, I would have been right there when it happened!

Hopefully the NTSB and who ever else get it all cleaned up before I leave in 5.5 hours. Some how I doubt it though.

The title could contain more information. What’s “the 101 n”?

Because I live there I figured you meant U.S. Highway 101 Northbound somewhere in California (you called it the 101). Others might like to know before they open the thread.

Sorry if I was a bit…distracted. Mod’s, can you change it to something less CA-centric sounding? Thanks!

That’ll buff out! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, that’s a tragic loss of a WW2 plane; I’m glad the pilot made it out safely.

Well, yeah. The One-Oh-One obviously refers to the freeway.

I initially was pissed because it looked like a Fw-190, and there aren’t many of those left! But further research is showing it is likely a T-6 Texan in drag.

Yes, it’s a Texan from Condor Squadron based at Van Nuys. Used to see them parked there when I was flying out of VNY.

Harrison Ford was on his way to work, thank you very much. :wink:

I’m not sure, but it looks like the plane crashed heading eastbound. I assume that means the pilot just flew over the In-N-Out at Westlake Village and decided a snack was of vital importance.

That inn - n - out is just a few blocks away from my work.

Witness, if you will, a relic out of time: a flying machine from what was called, “The Big One.” Ostensibly cruising the skies of 1940s Europe, then suddenly finding itself in present-day Los Ang–Oh, shit! Here comes that silenus guy! Gotta run!


Bummer about the plane, but good news about the pilot and everyone else.

I didn’t know you were in SoCal snfaulkner. We’re practically family now!

Speaking of which, I hope you’re doing your apostolic duty and instructing the locals on the proper way of referring to their favorite thoroughfares (i.e. the 101, the 12, the 410, the 522, etc.). You weren’t sent from California to those poor benighted folks to sit on your ass, you know.

Just sat in traffic for 45 min to go 3ish miles past the wreck, which is still on the road. I imagine it was way worse at rush hour.

Southern California. Us more-efficient Northerners just call it 101.

I saw this group of planes a while back, and asked about them in this post.

Well, I have to say, it’s always nice to see a crashed Luftwaffe plane.

As someone already mentioned, an T-6 Texan, WWII USAAF trainer in drag. They are also used to play Japanese Zeroes in films.

Video I saw showed a firefighter using hand extinguishers to battle the fire. Why weren’t they using hoses? Surely a firetruck is equipped to handle a fuel fire, as you’d face that in any automobile fire.

I’m certainly no fire-fighting expert, but it strikes me as completely possible that the fire trucks’ standard equipment for fighting an automobile fire is… a hand extinguisher. You probably don’t need a whole lot more volume than one portable tank to fight a car/single-engine plane fire, and a hand extinguisher is much quicker and more flexible to deploy than anything else.

Posts like this one make me wish the Dope had a “like” button.

Keep on doin’ the Lord’s work, doc!