Small signs of springtime make me less stabby

The birds are tweeting early in the morning.

Where the snow has receded from the house, the day lilies are starting to poke through the ground.

My dog has juuuust started to blow his coat, which now requires me to vacuum the hose daily.

I’m sick of winter, anything by you?

Agreed. Heard the birds chirping this morning, the crocus are starting to poke their heads up, at least in the places where the snow has melted enough to see the earth.

Maybe, just maybe, I will put off strangling my boss for today.

We still have a lot of snow to burn through before anything pokes up. I am still feeling pretty stabby; it will probably take till April to get my stabbing impulses under full conscious control.

The birds chirping in the morning did prevent a shooting massacre though. so I have downgraded from shooting anything that moves, to wishing to stab most of the people I see. Its an improvement! :smiley:

I have daffodils blooming. :slight_smile:

Those birds need to shut up though !! Grrrr. :mad:

I will stab you!

not really - I am however very jealous of the daffy’s. They are my favorite!

When the sun shines I can hear the snow melting and dripping from the roof. Unfortunately there is so much on the ground it’s going to take a long time to melt down to grass again.

And then, this morning, when I woke is was -8 C outside, brrrr. Spring indeed. Faster please!

Spring? What means this word “spring”? As that when it’s cold as fuck outside, and there’s ice and snow everywhere?

I heard the first robin doing its territorial tweedling this morning. They don’t really start the courtship/nesting thing until a month or two from now, but I guess this guy just liked to get an early start.

Come May, all the male robins in the neighborhood will start their morning territorial chorus at about 4:30 a.m.

This winter I might actually welcome the stupid robins and cardinals that get all territorial and bash into my windows at first light.

It’s been a looong winter.

First goose egg of the season is waiting to be omeletized :smiley:

Snow’s gone. Temps in the 50s this weekend. Light-ish before I wake up, and still some light in the West as I drive home. Spring is right on schedule.

Tonight I have the first two bugs of the spring in my computer room, one buzzing against the ceiling, the other bashing into my computer screen. They are making me feel very stabby right now.

Ironic, since I’m leading a kids snowshoeing group tomorrow, and Friday is the Winter Carnival at our school. We’ll probably get mosquito bites in the 2 feet of snow we have, since it was 50 today.

Daffodils! Crocuses! But the thing that gets me is the ornamental cherry and plum trees. Some streets are so poufily pink it looks like rows of 80s bridesmaids lining the way! Pale pink, deep pink, medium pink. Laden with pastel pinks, so very pretty. Blossoms make me happy! Also being able to sit outside for a few minutes and see the hummingbirds.

No daffodils in our flower beds yet - the snow is a foot or two deep there at the moment. But our herd of furball cats are moving into the full-bore shedding of their winter coats. I swear I brushed enough fuzz out of the 3 of them that I coulda knit a kitten…

Even though it’s in the thirties this morning, the air feels soft.

Birds singing: check.
Cat fur flying: check.
Return of dreaded kitchen ants: check.

A spider appeared in my house this morning, much to the love of my cat Chief, spider-eater extraordinaire.

But we have rain/snow mix around here through Friday. After that it better get warm!

The small bird named Winston who lives on my friend’s patio has returned as of yesterday!

Winston means Daylight Savings Time, which means more sun in the evening, which means long glorious heat-filled days aren’t too far away!

Thank you, Winston.

One week ago today there was enough snow to bury our trash can at the end of the driveway. Today it’s 40, sunny, and snow is disappearing fast. But it won’t be spring until there is that certain “springy” smell in the air. Melting snow, yeah, but no springy smell.

The Maui onion that lives on the counter? Has sprouted. Is sending out green shoots toward the window. How does it know??

I smelled freshly-mown grass today!!!

Beat that. :slight_smile:

I went home over the lunch hour today to unload some stuff in my car. I heard some unusual bird cries and looked up to see two red-tailed hawks circling each other, rising higher and higher in a completely cloudless blue sky. Absolutely gorgeous. Maybe they’ll nest in the little woods behind my house.