Smallville 12/7 immigrants of the corn (open spoilers)

Clark battles the evil corn field and immigrant slave labor. Somebody was listening to the dope board and saw the thread about evil cornfields. They forgot about subway tunnels and the other evil cliches mentioned though.

The whole pro-immigrant theme was a little after-school-specialish (and not a very accurate portrayal of how things are at least in my area) but I loved the guest star who played Javier. It annoyed me that he spoke with absolutely no accent, but otherwise I loved him. I liked the Kryptonian as illegal alien angle. Javier with Clark reminds me of Zorro’s sidekick. And there was really good - for lack of a better word - chemistry between them. I can this episode generating a lot of slash fiction. Actually, as much as I hate the cliche of bringing a cute younger character onto a show to boost ratings/demographics, I really like the actor and character so it would be cool if he stayed on as a farmhand, especially since he knows Clark’s secret, although now that he’s found his mom I’m not sure how that would work.

I was really hoping they would name him Jaime Reyes though. They missed a great opportunity to have him be the future Blue Beetle. Especially with the whole Justice Leaue episode coming up next (I find it very amusing that they recast Aquaman for the pilot, then used the new Aquaman as Green Arrow on Smallville, and now brought back the original Aquaman for this episode side by side with his one time replacement). Actually it would be cool if he got his own spin off series as the blue beetle.

I think they sent Lana to Europe because they didn’t have anything real for her to do this episode. And I liked her interaction with Clark. It was cool that she’s all “Lex doesn’t lie to me” and then they show section 33.1. I kind of sympathize with Lex since although he’s creating an army of doom, in his mind he’s doing it to save the earth from Zod. He shouldn’t have lied to Lana though. She’s been very cool about the secrets he has shared with her and even started acting a bit schemy in her own right. Of course she’s going to lose the baby, but when, and how?

I’m liking the Cloe Jimmy pairing. And Jimmy is the first Jimmy that I’ve been happy with the casting for. I missed the reason he thought Clark had a grudge against him originally but him interpreting it as Clark pining over Cloe was funny. And his inviting him to shoot hoops makes it seem like they are positioning him as the new Pete.

I missed the transition from cranky woman sherriff to sympathetic latino sherriff. When did that happen? Or was he just deputy of the week featured for his convenient latinoness?

I liked the cgi when Clark xrays the ground and sees all the skeletons in the dirt.

So Lana in addition to owning the Talon is being groomed as the future Ms Luthercorp. Chloe is still in the basement but has managed to worked her way onto the Front Page of the Daily Planet. Is she a full time career journalist now or is she still considered an intern? Is she bothering with college? Is Clark still in school? Aside from visiting Chloe he doesn’t seem to be making any headway towards his future journalism career. At least Lois is finally writing stories for a tabloid. Is that the same tabloid Perry White was working for? When does he take over the DP?