Smilf ? Really ???

SMILF. Honestly?

– father and his 10-year old daughter are walking down the street to school. City bus rolls by with a large poster advertising this Showtime television program with the title splashed on the side of it. -

" Hey Dad, what does SMILF mean"

" Southie Moms I’d Like To Fuck. "

– frightened silence –

Hey Showtime execs? How 'bout if you get your dicks out of the glory holes and your brains out of the 1940s ???

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I’m not familiar with the type of thing I’m seeing.

Even without the TV show, MILF has become a pretty common acronym. Don’t blame Showtime.

Won’t somebody think of THE CHILDREN???

Smarter father: “It’s SMILE. They made a typo.”


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Hey, let’s keep Roy Moore out of this thread. :wink:

I thought it might be some weird cartoon fetish having to do with Smurfette.

Is there a commonly-accepted Bowdlerized version? Like how SNAFU stands for “Situation Normal: All Fouled Up” or “FUBAR” is “Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition”?

We could integrate your username and change it to MILB.

Is it Outrage on Behalf of Children Week?

I’m cool with that. I’m tired of Special Hollywood Edition Rape Week.

Is it really ''Southie Moms?" Cuz I saw that and parsed ''Step-Moms."

We live in the golden age of television, folks. Try not to forget.

How about “Mom I’d Like to Friend”?

We need to get back to the halcyon, more innocent days of Infrastructure Week.

Apparently, it is Single Mom, (or Smart or Southie) - from the website:



At one point in the show the lead actress/writer/director wears a t-shirt from my old company from the mid-90’s. Since the show is set in Southie it’s possible that someone involved in the show worked for DEC or the costuming department has a sense of humor.

And their mothers


I have no idea what this thread is about.