Smooth scrolling needs to stop for me....

Smooth scrolling is bad for me.
I have it turned off in Chrome which is the browser I am currently using.:frowning:

BUT :::::

SDMB keeps right on using it?
Is it totally independent from the browser? :confused:
If I so much as breathe on the scroll wheel, instead of moving 1 to 3 lines as per set up, the little racy go fast zoom symbol is off and running and that is how the fight started. :smack:

Any help for this problem??


It is a function of your system and not the SDMB.

Try checking out the mouse settings in your Control Panel.

It appears you’ve encountered a common mistake in terminology. The feature you are asking about is autoscrolling, not smooth scrolling. The smooth scrolling option in Chrome’s settings is about having the page scroll really smoothly between any two points. Without smooth scrolling, the page scrolls in discrete jumps.

Disabling autoscrolling in Chrome requires an extension. Unfortunately, it also gets the terms mixed up, so I took a little bit of sleuthing to find.

You also can disable autoscrolling system-wide (for every program on your computer) if your mouse driver software will let you. You’ll need to find your mouse options in Control Panel. (I presume you use Windows.) Then change the default action of your middle mouse button, possibly even just disabling it.

I followed everyone’s suggestions & buy the time I finished with BigT’s Link I am not fighting anymore… W00t !!!

Thanks one & all.

Had no idea this section even existed. It is now bookmarked.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: