Smorgasbord of questions

Hi, I was cleaning out my Sent folder, and decided to repost some questions I originally sent Cecil, before I discovered the message board. Feel free to reply or ignore.

  1. Big Bills: Why did they stop printing denominations above $100? With inflation, you’d think they could use them again now.

  2. Could a state grant it’s citizens permission to possess automatic firearms, in violation of federal law, and claim the right to do so under the 2nd amendment?

  3. Wife Beating, drunk VS. sober: Why is it a universal feature of folklore that men beat their wives when they aren’t drinking? Isn’t this like saying that snow is hot, or sand is a good thirst quencher?

  4. How does the President get his mail? That is, his personal mail, as opposed to the gazillion letters sent c/o the White House by the public?

  5. What is the rationale behind sequestering juries? Is it presumed that we’re such ignorant sheep that a jury has to be kept incommunicado just to get a fair trial?

  1. They do print larger bills.

  2. No. They can’t go against Federal statutes/laws.

  3. Never heard it that way. In real life they are usually drunk, unless they are evil incarnate.

  4. Personal secretary.

  5. Didn’t you see the O.J. coverage?

I prefer not to go in depth.

As far as #2 you can purchase a fully automatic machine gun if you wish. There is a $200 (might be more now) fee and a serious background check. No need for state intervention here.

The states have certain rights under the tenth amendmant. A Wyoming Sheriff is taking advantage of this.

I’m sure the president has more than one address. Does he get mail addresssed to Occupant or §Resident?

There are innumerable occurrences of men beating their wives (or girlfriends, or other women) while completely sober. It’s not a drunken loss-of-control thing, it’s a power thing. And yes, many of the men who do this are in fact evil incarnate.

On at least one occasion, when seeing a male strike or threaten “his” woman in public, I’ve tried to pick a fight with him out of sheer anger. But it seems invariant that a man with no qualms about overpowering a smaller female, will shy away from confronting somebody who might actually fight back. (Not that I’m a big person or anything, but I’m a little imposing when really mad.)

Of course I don’t fit in; I’m part of a better puzzle.

(1) US currency of $500 and up is available and legal, but they are not printing any more of it. The reason is that people don’t use them. Despite inflation, people tend to use checks and plastic for large expenses. Be honest – how often do any of us use even a $100 bill, and did you carry around so many of them that you asked the bank teller for a few $500’s?

(4) My guess is that he gives his friends a secret PO box number or other code to put on the envelope, or something like that.

Assuming that it is constitutionally permissible under the Second Amendment for the Federal Government to restrict arms sales to citizens, no state would be able to nullify federal law on the subject, even under the guise of protecting rights granted under the Constitution.
Of course, the logicality of this is self-evident. If the federal law is constitutional, then it is not violating 2nd Amendment rights, so what would the state be protecting?

William Poundstone’s book Big Secrets says that each president is given a numerical code that personal friends can put on the outside of the envelope. These letters get forwarded to the president unopened. Reagan’s code was described as a number with a special meaning to him and his wife. Carter used an old phone number of Rosalynn’s.

Carpe hoc!

NEVER interfere with a wife beater unless you’re willing and able to make an on-the-spot arrest on charges that will put the bastard in prison for a long time. If all you do is humiliate him, he’ll only take it out on her.

And even if you do, watch your back; his wife may defend him, even violently.

John W. Kennedy
“Compact is becoming contract; man only earns and pays.”
– Charles Williams

Big bills are being eliminated because they’re mainly of use to criminals.

John W. Kennedy
“Compact is becoming contract; man only earns and pays.”
– Charles Williams