Snickers "Feast" commercials

I doubt that the OP of this thread wanted to inspire me to go off and watch all the Snickers “Feast” commercials, but that’s just what happened. I’d only seen the trash can one on TV, and thought it was stupid–but they -do- make much more sense in context.

Two questions: Are there just 8, plus the three “extras”? The videos on the official website won’t play smoothly for me, even if I let them pre-load, so I was forced over to youtube.

Second: What the heck happened to the poor Polynesian dude? They pick him up in the first commercial, and then he practically disappears from the series! He only gets screen time in two or three, and I think his only lines are in the “Greensleeves” extra.

Favorite is definitely the “Thief” extra, where the Robin Hood style guy swings in and steals the ‘feast.’

The Op of what thread??

I’m so confused.

The one that I forgot to link to.