SNL - 12/19 - James Franco/ Muse

I thought this was a pretty solid episode. Franco really throws himself into every part they give him, and he’s pretty funny.

“What up w/ that?” is on the verge of being played out but it still makes me smile. Not that funny really, but just a good time. Jason Sudekis dancing in the red jogging suit does crack me up though.

I really liked the Christmas tree salesman sketch, and the singers on Weekend Update. I’m pretty sure all of their songs were improv’d, as that’s a pretty common improv exercise. I also liked the Jersey Shore bit.

I’d never really heard Muse before but I really liked them. They’re going to be in Chicago in March and I’m seriously considering picking up tickets.

I had not watched much SNL over the past few years, but have caught several episodes this last year, and I am struck by how the “Weekend Update” segment (which in seasons past had often been the best thing about the show) has really gotten lame.

I dont know if it is Seth Meyers delivery (which CAN be pretty good once in a while) that is falling short, or just the general weakness of the material in general. If SNL should be able to consistantly just get only one aspect of it’s format right, it should be the fake news, as there is usually an abundance of things ripe for parody in the public eye. That they can’t even manage to get this right is pretty sad…

I don’t watch the show anymore, but watched this year’s Christmas special since it had some old clips. A question: who the hell decided that this “Gilley” character was funny? That has to be the lamest bit since that Rachel Dratch “Debbie Downer” bit.

FWIW: I actually think Wiig is funny and offbeat.

Yeah, it actually wasn’t bad.

My favorite parts were the Lawrence Welk and Vincent Price bits, though as much as I like “What Up with that?”, they’re going to the well way too often on that one, and this was the weakest thus far. Digital short has promise, but fell short on the wrap-up, but I’ll admit to always being a sucker for the Mark Wahlberg business.

The Vincent Price Specials have been the best thing SNL has come up with in several years, and Bill Hader is (IMHO) the most talented cast member that they have had for a long time…

I haven’t watched the episode completely yet, but Muse is amazing live. Almost everything I read about them talks about them being one of the best bands to see live. I saw them open for U2 in October and they were great, and I bought tickets for their upcoming Houston concert the minute they went on sale. And I am way too excited about it considering that the concert is three months away.

As for James Franco, he’s pretty good as a host. I think part of it was that he seemed like he wanted to be there and was having fun with it. I liked his monologue, where he explained how he explained he planned his career by picking suggestions out of the spinning barrel thing.

“What’s Up With That?” is mildly amusing but every time it comes on I grab my guitar and jam along.

Knives! Knives! All types of knives!
Everyone pick out your favorite knife!
Short ones! Long ones! Ones with spikes!
Three more seconds to choose your knife!


That was good!

I like last weeks much better. The highlight for me on this episode was the Fraternity initiation.

That was pretty funny. “Playing a body on CSI. Well that’s a step back.”

What’s Up With That is fun, I think. You know he’s going to sing through the show just like every time they’ve done it before, but it’s great to see what they throw in there to back him up.

I liked the first song from Muse, but is it supposed to remind me of Blondie’s “Call Me?”

I thought Vincent Price’s christmas special was the highlight of the show. Fred Armisan’s Liberace is pretty funny.

I thought it was a strong episode with no clunkers. I had to skim through the kissing skit a couple times till I could watch it. It cracked my wife up. I liked the Lawrence Welk opening and the Merangue Talk Show.

People still watch SNL? They haven’t been funny since the Muppets left.

I thought that was hilarious as well. The buildup was amusing enough, but when the lights went out, I literally LOL’d.

Your glowing stick is how we keep score!

Loved Franco’s James Dean’s expression while Liberace was blowing him. :wink: And the weird kissing family was back (& Franco seemed very in to it).