Snoooooopy is the absolute embodiment of wonderfulness!!

Hmm… OK. I apologize for whatever I astrally projected your way. Oddly I’m on the downslope of a nasty cold and the other night I had one of those awful “fever” type dreams where I was at a table with our Eve, and different exotic dishes like lark tongues and aardvard souffle kept coming, and I kept choosing the wrong utensil, and she would give me these awful disapproving looks halfway between pity and disgust. Eventally I dissolved into a puddle of tears and Eve turned into a Macy’s balloon that chased me down 5th Ave. shooting green laser beams from her eyes at me.

Anyway, I’ve got broad shoulders for the big jobs so lets get busy. First I’ve got to get a handle on the whole “Snooooopy” gestalt. Who is Snooooopy? His/her website refuses to say. Snooooopy is not in the people pages.

Clue 1 - Snooooopy is mysterious [sub]cue spooky organ music[/sub]

Ah! But here’s a clue from Snooooopy’s profile.

Clue 2 - I’m guessing Snooooopy is probably a woman (or a very sensitive man)!

Here’s another tidbit from the website

Clue 3- Maybe I’m wrong about clue 2 - There are a few female sports journalists, but not many - so confused. :confused:

But even the most careful people slip up every now and then. Especially when they are drinking.

Snooooopy is a guy! Albeit a slighty out of focus and probably somewhat drunk guy, but a guy nevertheless.

OK here’s a shout out for Snooooopy.
Who’s the white, ex-sports journalist that’s a sex machine to all the other Sound Of Music fans?


Damn right.

Who is the man that would turn his baseball cap backwards for his brother man?


Can you dig it?

Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s flattened roadkill to be photographed all about?


Right on.

They say this cat Snooooopy is one scented soap usin’ mutha…

-Shut yo’ mouth!

But I’m talkin’ about Snooooopy…

-And we can dig it!

I’ve also heard that he can sometimes turn into… The Fly.

LOL. I rarely laugh out loud at posts, but that was the most bizarre thing I’ve read in a while.

One bump for Snooooopy wonderfulness and that’s it.

Sounds like that was Nyquil induced. I’m with khadaji :smiley:

duh Hell?(I’ve been gone too long or not long enough…)