Snoop Dogg on "SNL"

One of the better episodes of the season. I loved the sketch where Snoop is too depressed to enjoy his party because “Friends” is ending, especially the part where he directs his friends to go outside with him and dance around while carrying colorful umbrellas. And his presence managed to carry the Fericito sketch to respectability.

My biggest regret is that Jimmy Fallon didn’t get a chance to play that sweet-looking Rickenbacker during his musical-parody segment.

Is it me, or has Chris Parnell turned into the Invisible Cast Member?

It looks like they’re rotating Dubya-impersonating duties, with Will Forte getting the job this week. I thought he did OK – not as spot-on as some of the show’s more gifted impressionists, but Darrell Hammond can’t be everywhere at once, can he?

Seeing Will Forte engage in some open-moputh man kissing was a fantasy come true, because he is lustable in the extreme. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good show, the highlights being the Friends sketch and the handicapped rapper sketch.

The Smigel bit was very good; but then, that’s about the only part of the show that’s reliably funny these days.

Apparently it was a rerun from last year, but the Mom Jeans commercial is still cracking me up. How do they know my mom?

In the sketch where Rachel Dratch is the elderly Jewish movie producer and Snoop is selling his movie Booty Hotel, did she say, as a movie title, “Attorneys at Fuck”? There were three of us here and we all thought we heard it. Anyone else, or are we just all hallucinating?

I’m pretty sure it was “Attorneys of Funk” but, for a second, I did think it was the other four-letter word that had “f”,“u”, and “k”. As part of her character, Dratch was slurring her words.

I was confused too with that mock commercial thing.

I was also kind of dissapointed that Avril and her band weren’t in any sketches! :dubious:

Best line: the white rapper saying, “I look better than Hawkeye from MASH”.

The wheelchair rapper was hysterical! Very realistic how the emcee wasn’t sure to approach him; I was cracking up through the whole thing. “I’m in a wheelchair, I’m in a wheelchair.”