SNOW....well, an hour away anyway!

It’s been bitterly cold here in southern Australia the last few weeks, and yesterday saw another severe cold front blow in from Antarctica. With forecasts of snow down to 300m, the state of Victoria was due for some dumps.

So this morning, after a revolting night of cold and wet stuff, my daughter headed off to find some SNOW with the grandies. AND THEY FOUND IT, just over an hour away!!

It was the first time the sprogs (aged 7 and 4) had ever experienced snow, and they had a ball. Chucking snowballs at each other and building a sort-of-snowman, it was a grand day for all concerned.

Me…I stayed home in front of the wood fire. D’ya think I’m STUPID? :smiley:

Cold here too. We are outer northern Melbourne. I lucked out today though - first day of working from home, so I did not have to do the drive-train-bus 90min commute today! :slight_smile:

I was in Glacier National Park last week, and encountered a little snow hiking down from Dawson pass (~7500’ elevation)


It’s really hot here in Southern Ontario. Just sayin’…
(must keep the evil snow monsters away)