This is really too mundane; but I’m posting it anyway.

I woke this morning and looked out of the window on the front door. There’s a dusting of snow outside. I’ve been told that it doesn’t snow very much here, being so close (a short block) from the ocean. Anyway, this is the first time it’s snowed on my home since I lived in the high desert of Southern California back in the '80s.

Get ready, Western Washington is suppose to have quite a bit of snow by tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I saw a little bit this morning in south King County.

There’s some here in Vancouver as well. Even if we get lots more, it’ll probably be gone in a few days at most. Enjoy it while it’s here!

Ooh, that would be so cool! (I’m up in Whatcom County, BTW.)

rjk: Howdy, neighbour! :slight_smile:

We had two snowstorms in December, both too far removed from the 25th to count as a White Christmas. Still, it was nice to see, and coupled with the shorter daylight hours, helped to put me in the holiday mood. An instantly forgotten musical group from the 70’s[or maybe late 60’s] called the Harper’s Bizarre had a very nice, slow, contemplative song entitled Snow. Nothin’ about Christmas or Santa or holiday anything, just about snow. [What a geek, I’ve still got that album] Any other songs about the specific topic of snow?

We have 60 inches on the ground and more on the way. White Christmas? Oh, yeah.

We’re in the middle of what could amount to 6" by this time tomorrow. Current weather


This gives me a great opportunity to test out the 4 wheel drive on MY NEW TRUCK!!! I bought a 2000 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 5.3L 4X4 extended cab short box. Burgundy. Leather interior with ALL of the toys including power adjustable heated leather seats!!!

I took delivery Dec 24th. I’ve been looking forward to snow. Yay!

:cool: :slight_smile:

::waves to Johnny, racer and rjk from up in the foothills::

It’s drippy and business as usual up here, but at 4:00 a.m. we had about 2 inches. Yay insomnia.

The snow here is melting. It’s actually raining…a little.

Fine by me.

'Course it’ll freeze nice and hard, and by next week, the Twin Cities will be one large skating rink.


Snow–bah, humbug!

koeeoaddi: The foothills of Mt. Baker? You should read my Trader Joe’s thread and then call them to lobby for a Trader Joe’s in Bellingham! :smiley:

Oh – Here are some pics of the light dusting I got.

Ok; you guys have stolen our snow!! Give it back, I want it! I’m looking out my window at Ottawa and a tiny bit of Quebec, and I can only see snow in the lowlying areas; the parts that haven’t melted yet. :frowning: No sking or anything fun for us.

Run out, and make a snowman. The snow will last longer that way. They’re always the last thing to melt. You’ll really have to scrape to get enough snow, but you can do it.

Neat house - with that stonework chimney and the fence, that front yard would look great with an English-style cottage garden. Cosmos, larkspur, hollyhocks, and daisies. A stone path wandering through, and a big stone the cat can sun on.

That is a really adorable house. I agree with Boscibo about the flower garden. Oh, and some window boxes!

We got flurries here in the Sandia foothills today.

We are in the midst of a winter storm here in Regina. A Winter Storm is a blizzard, but without the high winds.

Got roughly 15cm of the white stuff so far (6"). Expecting up to a foot by morning. I’m excited we finally have snow. Disappointed, because I know what I’ll be doing at 7am when I get off work…

We got a morning of snow in late November, just before we left. KKB wandered out to the living room while he was brushing his teeth. He saw the layer of white outside and exclaimed “Ho-ey thit! Itth thnowing outthy!”

Anyway, for a couple of Hawaii kids, it was a fascinating morning. I took pictures of snow-covered cars and snow-covered pine trees and a snow covered fire hydrant.

Cute house, by the way. How nice that you got your wish-- to get out of LA and move to WA-- in time for Christmas! :slight_smile:

We don’t get snow out here near LA, as you know, but last night the Weather Channel gave us a Frost Advisory. That’s almost kinda snow! Lately it’s actually been colder than I remember it ever being here. Mid 30s? That’s like Alaska weather! What happened to our upper 50s and lower 60s?

We got our first big snow of the season yesterday. As usual, the snow came right after Christmas, just barely screwing us out of a white Christmas. A friend and I went to the park to build snowmen and to just play around in it. Lots of other people were there taking their sleds and tubes down the hill at the edge of the park. There’s more snow falling today.

It’s snowing now. Nice, small, light flakes. It’s sticking, too. :slight_smile: