Mrs. Piper and I are sitting in our front room, watching the snow come down. beautiful fall day in Saskatchewan.

Here in North Dakota, too. :smiley:

69 and sunny here in California…

of course, the last time we had snow in Sacramento was probably 13, 14 years ago…

Having waded through the slush to go do some necessary shopping, I’m not terribly excited about this. The maple trees in my backyard hadn’t even changed colour yet!

No white stuff in Toronto yet, nor cold. I have all my windows open - 15c at 8:12pm. Now that is a lovely Fall day. :slight_smile:

Huh. No white stuff up here, and I can’t say as how I’m sorry about it.

T-shirt and shorts weather in Wisconsin.

It’s been 17 years since I’ve shoveled snow; but I can stand on my porch and see the snow that fell last night in the La Sal Mountains, up there where it belongs.:cool:

Send it Minnesota, please! I’m looking forward to LOTS of it this winter!

The snow line is about 1500 feet above my house.

I’m not ready.

It was snowing on Saturday. It managed to stick for a bit and was 28F or so. Looks like it will be 72F on Wednesday.

Two inches and still coming down up here. It’s early, and it can kiss my ass.


It was 80 degrees here and we almost finished painting the house. It was a beautiful day - I had a good vantage point from the roof.

It snowed here Friday, Saturday, and today. It only stuck for a while on Friday, but it’s cold enough now that if it decides to start again overnight it’ll stay around for a few hours until it gets above freezing again.

Friday was fun, because we got a couple of inches in the morning and then it melted. Once it got down to freezing again it started up. I had to clear snow off my car and then scrape ice (a thin layer, but fucking ice) off the windows when I left work. I didn’t mind the snow, but ice is another story.

It’s supposed to be warmer for the next week, at least. Good. I don’t have my snow tires on my car yet.

The white stuff will be here soon enough, but the 80 degrees that we enjoyed this weekend is almost unheard of in the upper Midwest at this time of year. Forecasters are calling for a “severe winter” for us…but they won’t tender a guess if that means more snow or more cold or both.

Seconded. Next winter, I won’t be living 10 miles from a ski hill.

It’s a typical spring day here: 27, fine earlier this morning, but this afternoon it’s beginning to cloud over. I think there’s a thunderstorm on the way.

Seriously? In Telluride? It just in the last ten minutes turned from drizzle to snow here in Boulder. If this keeps up we could easily have an inch or two by morning.

{fingers in ears} LALALALALALA I can’t hear anyone LALALALALALALALA

My winter denial is coming along nicely this year.

Central Colorado mountains got about 2 inches saturday. But we already had had a 4" ‘storm’ back in August.