So, anyone wanna see the Fratellis?

I entered this contest for tickets to see the Fratellis do a TV performance. I didn’t notice the date. I won. The concert is Thursday night in Chicago…I can’t be there. So, if anyone wants my tickets, you just need a fake ID with my name on it – lemme know, I will tell ya my real name. There’s really no strings, it was a contest entered over the intarwebs, and IIRC, i only supplied my name and email address. I am so pissed that I won and can’t go, because I really, really, really like those guys.

So, how was your day?

I was having a really, really good day until I read “Chicago” at the end of your post. Loooove the Fratellis. I’ll be jealous of whomever gets the tickets-

**MrBusGuy **and **HazelnutCoffee **as well as **WhyNot **are all Chicago Dopers. You might want to check with them. They probably know who the other Chi-town Dopers are, too.

Since the show isn’t until Thursday night – if anyone really does want my name so they can fake up an ID, just send me a PM or an email and I will let you know the scary details. I really am ticked that I can’t see this show. Any other week I would sooooooo blow off work and take a road trip with my 14 year old…this week just isn’t doable :frowning: