So are there any good android RPGs out there?

I haven’t played a game in a while but Shadowrun put out an android app called shadowrun returns (and I only just found out about it because I saw an ad for the sequel dragonfall). So now i’m itching for another game to play during my commute.

Are there any other android platform RPGish games out there that are worth the time?

Square put all it SNES Final Fantasy series games on Droid, as well as FF4 The After Years and the entirely new FF Dimensions (which was well-reviewed).

Dimensions looks like it was made specifically for mobile platforms. I’ll give it a try. Anything else? Anyone?

How is Shadowrun returns? I loved Shadowrun on the Sega back in the day.

I couldn’t get it to work on PC. It was reviewed moderately positively, but several people on the Dope told me it was dull and underdeveloped. It’s more a strategy/tactical game with some RPG-ish bits, tho.

Its very good for an app, IMO. I think it would be disappointing on a PC (nowhere near the depth or breadth of something like Mass Effect). Its got about 12 hours of play in it, limited replayability (mostly because you can do everything from decking to rigging to magic and pretty much everything else with 2 maybe three play throughs.

It still has a few bugs (especially with regards to summons and drones). But it has that highly customizable character development combined with a world that lets you worry about how summons interact with drones. The story line is very linear but solid.

You have over 200 karma points by the end of the game (I had 235) so you can develop a couple of archetypes.

I liked the engine for Shadowrun Returns, but the adventure was brief and it felt like it was meant to come into its own with fan-created material. As it is, I can see as how it would be well suited for an Android platform. Perhaps I should look into that.

I would also note that it hard to play on a small screen like an iphone. much better on a tablet or phablet.