So bob_co just thinks of bedwetting and being a poser.

Charming, the old nasty joke of “next Tuesday is your turn being inside the barrel!” (the barrel having one glory hole)

Barrels of fun this guy! :slight_smile:

No need to, for a fellow that claimed he was better in Great debates you only demonstrated that you only resort to insults to avoid replying with cites to support you. And then you go trolling by posting a politically insulting item that has no connection to the OP.

Resorting to insults and not replying to the posts with a cite or a rebuttal just shows what a yellow bellied coward you are.

As I said before, many other libertarians here have my respect, you are only a poser.

That is the classic extreme right wing boiler plate insulting argument.
Another extreme right wing republican silly argument.

Aha, finally a Libertarian position, Of course being slave owners was a right people used to have at the start too.

Can you mention what criminal procedures were taken against Kerry and when? And was Kerry in Government when he protested the war? More extreme right wing Republican boilerplate.

And that is a Libertarian Point, I think… Never mind that I would indeed like to see Rove in jail, but it is clear your peanut sized brain will never be that subtle, as I said before, you can not hold a candle to many SBMB Libertarian members, you are only a poser for taking republican right wing points at face value when you insist you will not trust them.

He’s a fucking blowhard. I don’t see him lasting long here–his posts are full of juvenile insults, ad hominem attacks, and silly dodges to avoid answering pertinent questions. The first two will get him into trouble with the mods. I’m not sure he’s not basically just a troll.

Yes, and looking at his last threads in GD, it looks that he is aiming at “suicide by mod”.

The republicans have made Clinton and his old lady Bill look like Scrooge.

It’s pretty simple that you pay for governemnt regulation every time that you impose a rule. You pay for the basic service, and then you pay for the regulation of the rule. Let people live for pete sakes and stop the rules.

Hold one party to the standards that you do the other.

Since the beginning of time, the high preists have been coming up with some “sky is falling” scenario to keep the public in line with their beliefs. This is true of the Bush administration. They did declare war on us first, not any country. but just people who don’t get their point of view. We cannot blow them off.

You do? :slight_smile:

Then start by holding the right wing media to the standards of accuracy. There were many left leaning sites I decided never to use as cites because I found they were not accurate, When TruthOut posted to have evidence that Karl Rove was going to be indicted for the Plame thing, and it turned to be false, I dropped them as a source until they came with a public mea culpa. I don’t think you will ever do the same with your “sources”.

The ad hominem attacks are a direct result of the ones placed towards me. They are all in a mocking fashoin and are apparently quite effective. The ones to the left are balenced by ones to the right.

I found this just now

I said in the original thread that the Plame affair would go nowhere becuase it had no legal meritt. I stand by that, and am still right.

And your choice recently of swallowing hook line and sinker the Republican accusations against Plame is not falling for a “sky is falling” scenario???

The right wing media (and most of the mainstream) just reprinted the accusations the White House launched against Plame, you are still missing that the administration was indeed inflaming the fear via their press “contacts” and Wilson talking made the stenographer press to suddenly ask questions, because the fear mongering was going to be shown to be a fraud, the administration could not have that.

Here is why you are such a poser: you have spectacularly missed that outing Plame was done to discredit a critic of the “sky is falling” peddlers at the white house and Republicans.

How about we stick with current day facts like how you fly to Canada for your healthcare or why you love Moore?

Yeah, yeah, just continue projecting.

I prefer El Salvador :slight_smile: , and you spectacularly missed the point of the movie too.

Another one of your grade school level insults, or your grade school level bad writing ? Are you this inarticulate, or do you think that calling Hillary male and her husband “old lady” qualifies as clever ?

Armitage and Scooter still resigned in disgrace, that is nothing it seems. And the protection the White House is offering to the wrongdoers is important. For people that do not swallow the Republican spin.

Leave the Plame situation out of it now. They had golden government jobs. They bit the hand that fed them. That makes them Republican?

The media is left wing by all current reasearch that I have done. FOX is the exception, but they don’t have any Ratheresque stuff going for their bias.

Left in my book is a church, a union, or any place that people hide in a group and think that they deserve something for their gathering.

That was no grade school level insult. That was right on the money sarcasm.

My point is soooo well made by inviting all of the moonbats here and letting a spark go into a full blown fire.The control freaks on the left just need to let go. Live and let live. Society does not need your fingers in it.

Translation : I’m a coward.

I don’t think you have grasped who did they bite. and I thought you said this was unimportant.

Ah yes the old “I’m so clever to research bias by ignoring what the left sees on the mainstream”:

The left does not consider even CNN to be their news, just witness the riddled with errors criticism of “Sicko” CNN did recently.

Oh, really?


And yours do?
Oh well, being proud of being an idiot* is the first clue why no one will even consider you for Socrates’ spittoon holder.

  • That is the ancient greek meaning: