So can we update our email now?

Am i reading the announcement correctly, we can update our email as long as we spell it right and their should be no problems? Or should i got back to english class?

That’s what it says to me.

[sub]And since I know you spelled it ‘their’ as a joke since you’re talking about English class and stuff, I won’t mention it.[/sub]

There is still the possibility of delay when you change your e-mail address. Some reasons why you might not receive the confirmation e-mail:
Your e-mail server is down and cannot receive the confirmation;
You or your ISP has a “spam” filter that rejects the e-mail;
Probably other reasons that elude me.
If you do not get the confirmation e-mail, don’t register a new name! E-mail one or more administrators (look in the technical issues FAQ for how to contact an administrator when you’re not logged in and can’t view a member profile) and we will resolve the situation. Please remember that we’re volunteers here and so it may be a couple of business days before we respond to your e-mail.