So, did we all remember to watch Nurse Jackie 3/25/11 Game On

And what did we think?

I like the sign that kept changing.
Please do not kiss the statues
Please do not [del]kiss[/del] feed the statues
Please do not [del]kiss[/del] feed [del]the statues[/del] Thor
Please do not [del]kiss[/del] feed [del]the statues Thor[/del] Fuck you! Love, Thor

Also, I think they did a really good job summing up last season

BTW, that was the next door neighbor from Grounded For Life (at least, that’s what I know him from).

I completely missed that. Thanks for the egg!

I kind of wish they’d done better. I thought Jackie was completely screwed, but she came up with some cockamamie story that didn’t jibe with my dim recollection of last season’s finale. I’m sure it’s just my long lost memory. I should go and watch the two episodes back to back.

Actually, any show with an absurdly long hiatus, should show the previous season finale and the new season premiere back to back.

I’m a fan of the previous seasons and I thought this ep was lame. Maybe it’s just season opener jitters or something, but they seemed to be playing cartoon versions of themselves. Don’t get me started on U.S. of Tara.