So, how boring am I? How boring are you?

I was sitting, sprawled on the sofa, with a dog on my head like a hat, another on my lap, and a third with his head where I could scratch his neck and ears. While changing the channel to a Doctor Who episode I had seen several times I paused at a contest that promised a trip to Hawaii. Beaches? Never saw the point. Fancy dinners? I can do as well at home, though I’m perfectly happy with hot peppers and peanut butter on toast. Nightlife? Did I mention I was wearing dogs and watching Doctor Who reruns? I was perfectly happy.

Beat that for boring.

I get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, poke around online, then go to bed. On weekends, I get up, do laundry, clean, poke around online, then go to bed.

There’s my life in two sentences.

But with proper Oxford commas.


I don’t see the appeal of Hawaii either.

Know the joke about the engineer who had both a wife and a mistress? They’d both assume he was out with the other one, when really he’d be working late in the lab.

I was that guy, for a few months. And I preferred being in the lab. :cool: