So how did LOST end? (probably large spoilers)

Ok, I loved LOST through the first season and made it halfway through the 2nd before I found it not worth my time. I’ve always threatened to pick it up again if the ending didn’t completely disappoint. However, if the ending makes no sense and doesn’t solve any of the mysteries, I probably won’t waste my time.
So in a nutshell, how does LOST end?
A one-paragraph synopsis would be sufficient. I realize I probably won’t recognize half the names now, but if it sounds interesting, clever, and well-written I’ll take the time to watch all the episodes in order.

Do not read further if you don’t want a spoiler!

The answer won’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t been watching this season.

For someone approaching from a Season 1 or 2 perspective, I would summarize thusly:

Claire, Kate, Sawyer, and a bunch of people you don’t know get off the island. Hurley and Ben stay indefinitely. Everybody else dies. Eventually, everyone will meet up in heaven and laugh and comb each other’s hair and be best buds forever. The end.

They all meet up in the afterlife.


Did you ever read the NARNIA series? It ended just like that, only with rather more crying and less lions/joy.

If he gave up midway through season 2 he won’t know who Ben is either.

Well that certainly saved me quite a few hours only to end screaming at my TV. Thanks.

If you gave up when the series was at its best, you won’t like the end.

With a non-sequitur.

This red robot runs out in front of the screen. We’re led to believe that this is a Bad Robot.

Can I steal this? it’s brilliant.

Be my guest. :slight_smile:

It kind of ended like the movie Titanic. Remember at the end when the old lady dies and she goes and sees all the people from the boat, that magical time in her life.

Kind of like that.

And Narnia.

It was kinda like the closing of an episode of SNL. In a church. With less saxophone.

Well, it does sort of resolve mysteries that were created in the last season in order to be resolved in the finale and … yeah, nevermind, not even gonna try to come up with something positive. Just give it up.

I think this is my favorite answer.

So they didn’t come across the wreck of the USS Minnow?

I knew it was a long shot, but I was rather hoping…

I don’t think I heard “Bad Robot” this week. Li’l Robot just stood there, looking at us sadly.

Sad Robot