So I like this girl

I know that feeling. The creepiness, too. For what it’s worth, my friends who are into such things tell me it’s due to having known the person intimately (friend, relative, lover) in a previous life and having unfinished business with them. Doesn’t really help if you’re a devout Roman Catholic, or some such, but if it fits into your personal belief system, it may be some relief. Of course, it doesn’t tell you how you should handle it, but you said you weren’t really looking for that, anyway.

I can’t help that I care about ass more than the real person. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have programmed our species with the desire to reproduce. So I can’t help the fact that I want to have sex with as many women as possible before I die; I’m simply a product of evolution!

“I’m simply a product of evolution!”

No, methinks you’re a mutation. Ancestors with your attitude would not have been able to find anyone to mate with.

Oh yeah? Well I’ll mate with your ancestors . . .