So I win a prize on the radio...

…that I have no earthly use for.

Anybody know what an unopened set of the first season of 24 will fetch on the open market?

Because a little extra cash would come in handy.

The DVDs are going for between $10 and $42 on eBay.

At my local video store, a new set of “24” season one DVDs goes for $42.99

Of course, the store doesn’t mind letting the DVDs sit on their shelf a few days, weeks or months until someone buys them. You, on the other hand, will probably want to get rid of them sooner. So, take the best offer you can get, knowing that even if you “only” get $10 or $15, that’s pure profit.

I bought two of those first season sets for Christmas - one for each of my brothers.
Don’t be too sure you don’t want them…neither brother had seen the series:
Older brother saw all 24 episodes in two days and was totally hooked.
Yonger brother and his wife got so hooked, so fast, they saw them all, back to back, and went to bed at 4:00 AM.

About $40 is about what I paid for them too.
(But give episode one a try…you might like it!!!)

I was tempted to buy them at $49.99. I haven’t yet, but I know if I had a chance to pick them up for around 20 bucks, I would.

Yep, hock 'em off on EBAY.

If you do decide to sell it, would you let us know? :wink:

My brother’s birthday is coming up. I’m starting to worry how close I’m skating to the “no solicitations” rules here, so I’ll leave it at that.

Mmmmm… 24…

I (knowingly) paid $40 for an amateur-taped Season One VHS set on eBay. That should be the way to go. Some of the 24 Club might be interested. Hmm… be careful about the no-soliciting rule, though, I suppose.

Did you win these on the Mark and Brian Show?

You may like it if you try watching it. But they will fetch a better price unopened.

I’ve had good luck with eBay-owned Price it a dollar or two lower than the current lowest price ($42 right now) and it should sell within a week.

That’s a Roger, Czarcasm. I knew that the seahorse is the sea creature that, after hatching, is “gestated” to solo viability within a pouch in the papa. That day they only had concert tickets that I wasn’t interested in, so we worked out the 24 DVDs a couple of days later.