So It's Not Just The Best To Be Me (an update)

When I cleaned the grill, everything was grand, and the Villagers rejoiced (hooray!). Now the Dark Side of Summer (O.K. just Spring) has reared it’s ugly head.
My rediculously small dog got lost in the run, so yesterday evening I had to drag out the Dreaded Lawn Mower. (boooo!)

On the up-side, Pooh-Bear Snake has made his first appearance of the year. (That’s a garter snake named by then-2-yr.-old Soupo) No sighting of Pooh-Bear Turtle yet. (Guess who named that? For extra credit, how old was he?) We have our fingers crossed, though.

So good weather activities are in full swing.

  • The grill is up and running (hooray!)
  • The Dreaded Lawn Mower is on the prowl (boooo!)
  • Camping in two weeks (also, hooray!)

Feel free to one-up me. I don’t mind. I have no pride.

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“Oh, for the love of Mike” BGY-11

Signs of spring in the Carina42 household:

Roomie Joe goes away every weekend whitewater kayaking.

Darryl the HunterCat brings birds, sqirrels & mice into the house & dismembers them in the living room.

The dogs play with the remains.

I step on squirrel guts at 4am when I get up.

Ngyuen is scheduled to start mowing my lawn again this week.

My hiking buddies & I resume weekly hikes.

I tear down trees with my bare teeth, build a fire in the back yard & roast some of my neighbors. Then I put the meat in my freezer & enjoy it all summer long.

You put roasted neighbor meat in your FREEZER? Ugh!
It’s better if you make jerky and keep it in a zip-lock bag. Terryaki…mmmm…snackin’ goodness…

Ooh. Hot Pepper Neighbor Jerky!

Never thought of that, yum.

. . .and then I discovered that D18 Jr. was old enough to cut the lawn!



Yeah! Now I know what to do with my landlady! Thanks for the tip, Dopers!