So I've found the most addicting game that exists on the internet. No, seriously.

Okay, I’ll ask…how do I get anywhere near the 5 quindecillion cookies you need to get the Javascript Console Fortune upgrade?

In the late game, the only practical way to keep advancing is through the Garden and crops of Bakeberries.

So, use your sugar lumps to upsize the Garden, get the Bakeberry seed and start planting/harvesting.

You’ll want to harvest when your rate is high (e.g. frenzy/building special combo), and you have a ton of cookies in the bank (because the Bakeberry harvest is constrained to 3% of bank).

They did it again - for those of you who haven’t paid attention lately, the Idleverse level (convert things from parallel universe games into cookies) was added on 11/1. Either I was lucky, or it was intentionally done this way, but I got the Idleverse-based fortune right away; all I need is 861 quindecillion cookies to activate it.

I’ve been meaning to bump this myself. Also new is the Stock Exchange minigame, unlocked by leveling up banks. There are 16 different commodities, loosely corresponding to the buildings, that continually vary in price. All are priced in "", which is defined as the highest CPS you've ever had this ascension (so you can't sell off all of your buildings to drive down the value of the to buy commodities cheaply).

Each has a “natural price”, that they’ll usually be close to: Assuming level 10 buildings, it’s $19 for the cheapest commodity, $29 for the next cheapest, and so on to $159 and $169 for the most expensive. But sometimes, they’ll go into a nosedive or a meteoric climb, and get to much higher or lower than their natural price.

If you’re just restarting, and gaining access to the new building tier and upgrades, your CPS is likely to grow by a lot, so start by investing a lot in the market, even for things above “market price”, because you’ll sell them in more valuable $. After that, buy whenever they’re significantly lower than natural price, and sell whenever they’re significantly higher.

Oh, and also start by upgrading your “brokers” (grannies who reduce your transaction overhead) and “office” as far as you can.

The stock market also lets you take out your choice of three “loans”, that temporarily increase your CPS at the cost of decreasing it for a longer time. By themselves, they’re a horrible deal, but they can be used to make a super-combo (double frenzy click frenzy, or whatever) even more super.

…Hm, apparently Discourse interprets quote-mark-dollar-sign-quote-mark as… something. The sentence that starts “all are priced in…” should have a dollar sign in it.