So long and thanks for all the threads.

It’s been an interesting time. Perhaps when I get the funds, I’ll re-up, but for now, I’ll let it lapse. Many, many thanks to Bricker for paying for my subscription last year. Thanks to pinkfreud and NinetyWt also. I’ve learned a lot.

You’re mighty welcome. Come back when you can. :cool:

The Bricker Foundation is still in the business of improving the SDMB through grants to superlative posters. I don’t have your e-mail address any more, but please drop me a line; I’d be more than happy to sponsor you again.

What he said. My email in in my profile, if you don’t want Bricker to do it twice. C’mon, Blanche…you know you want to. :smiley:

Dang they beat me to it, but I’d sponsor you as well.

Stay, we need you. Well, need might be strong, but stay, ok?

Tightwad. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


Hope to see ya again soon! You’re a cool chick. :slight_smile:

So long. Good luck in your future endevours. Feel free to come back when you wish to.

Dang, she’s a hottie, too, IIRC. When come back, bring pie!

Come back soon, I need more minions! :wink:

hugs and snogs

Oh, don’t go, I’ll miss you too. I have no credit card or I would sponsor. But there are some mighty generous people 'round these parts.

Dark Side of the Floyd, if you are still monitering this thread, I would be honored to foot the bill to get you stay. You are too valuable a poster to lose.

If you are interested, email me at:

If not…well then let’s set up a rendezvous a The Restraunt at the End of the Universe!

Chalk me up as another person who is more than happy to bill your foot. Err, wait. Foot your bill.

7 (at) tictokmen . com

Well, it’s a shame you’re planning to leave, but from the looks of things it doesn’t seem likely you actually will. Woohoo!