So, tell me about your vasectomy...

…I am getting one in a couple of months. What can I expect? Oh sure, I’ve read stuff on the internet, but I am looking for personal experiences? How long were you recouperating? How long did it take for your sperm count to drop to 0? Any residual pain?
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While I don’t have a story myself (being female), I ran across this large collection of personal stories and thought you might benefit from it if you haven’t seen it before:
The site seems to be very unbiased, posting both the best stories and the worst case scenarios.
Best of luck with everything. I think it’s great when guys are willing to take responsibility for contraception. :slight_smile:

I had a really bad time of it:
[ul][li]I had to report to the hospital early in the morning, then wait around all day with my arse hanging out of a surgical gown - I was the last into theatre out of eight or ten people, not all of whom were in for vasectomies; some operations took longer.[/li][li]They wanted to use general anaesthetic, but I asked for local, which didn’t work properly; I experienced undiminished sensation of the incisions etc.[/li][li]It took a week for the bruising to subside, I was in a lot of pain for a long time (certainly longer than most people seem to report)[/li][li]An infection set in, causing enormous pain and swelling; this came close to being life-threatening at one point and I was put on a course of strong antibiotics post haste.[/li][li]The self-dissolving stitches stubbornly refused to self-dissolve; my doctor was particularly unconcerned about this, as it had only been a month (“come back in six months if they are still there”, or some such) - they were terribly uncomfortable, so I resorted to removing them myself, which was not easy as they had become somewhat embedded - I had to dig around a bit to get them.[/ul][/li]
But I’d recommend it to anyone…

Day Surgery. Local anesthetic. Biggest complaint was they wouldn’t let me watch – damn green curtain across my belly. I was able to see a bit of the reflection in the adjustable metal thingy of the light fixture above me, but the nurse caught me peeking and changed the angle. Ah well.

So I got up and went home. Walked like a cowboy for a couple of days. No problems since. That was February of '95.

There was a thread on this subject back in December 2001. You can read it for some other stories on dopers vasectomies.

The Big “V”

Did it in '86, after our second daughter was born. Day surgery, two doctors, little waiting, and a local. No pain during or after. I forget how long I had to wait for having fun afterwards, about a week I think.

My only complaint - it was done on Halloween, and one of the doctors was wearing fangs. :slight_smile:

It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Sure beats worrying about birth control.

Had mine done while my wife was carrying our third child. The doctor would give his patients a one time prescription to Valuum to take a half an hour before leaving the house for the (outpatient) surgery. I was instructed to call in an hour before my appointment to check to see if the doctor was on schedule and hadn’t been called away on an emergency. Took the valuum as instructed and had my wife drive me in. But the time I arrived at the Doctors office the medicine had kicked in. I could have dropped my drawers right there in the waiting room. He used a bit of local painkillers (I think). I was so buzzed I didn’t feel a thing. Took less then 15 minutes and all I remember was the Doc and the nurse deciding whether to put on a Batman or Superman bandaid when the deed was done. I had very little pain afterwards as well. And well worth it in the years since.

Good luck!

As a female I don’t really have any personal advice as such, just a funny story, and a caution to those of you with small children.

My father had his done when I was about 4, and being a Daddy’s girl was so pleased to see him when he came home I immediately leapt into his lap and started bouncing around.

Still don’t think he’s over that one…

Sweety had a very strange side effect. For about the first dozen “times”, he got post-coital headache. For a while he was worried that he was “doomed” :stuck_out_tongue: but they went away.

A friend of mine just had his done and it was no sweat-- scheduled first of the day, no complications. The only pain he had was from when the damned surgeon yanked a handful of his short and curlies to sort of ‘clear the area’ This was after the local had been given, but once it wore off it was definitely a sore spot. I think the doctor said he’d have to come back for a test in six weeks, but I could be very wrong.

I asked my husband. He reminds me that he was cracking jokes with the doctor during the procedure, and at one point the doctor wiped his brow exaggeratedly and said , “Whew. I probably shouldn’t have had that beer for breakfast.”

In, out, no complicatons - he went commando for the weekend, but by Monday he was back in his normal “tightie whitie” skitters.

Do a search on “vasectomy” in MPSIMS. It’s been discussed there several times.

I’m recoving now from mine of just over three weeks ago. The Dr. shot me up with Valium before the op & used a local anesthetic. Single small incision right in the middle.

I lay back on the table while he did his work, we chatted the whole time.

The boys are doing fine - still a little bit sore. The first couple days were limited movement - I felt like I had been kicked hard. There was a brief period, about a week after the op, when the pain returned pretty strongly but it faded away. The pamphlet describes that some men may experience some post-surgical “blockage” and we’re assuming that’s what it was.

I haven’t yet had to use the little sample cups they’ve supplied to me. I can just imaging this little line of men outside the office’s door, all trying hard not to look at each other as we clutch our little paper bags. It’ll be surreal.

I’ll put up a link to yet another vasectomy topic post- Mine!
(there are also some other good links embedded within this post)

I hadn’t realized it had been so long…
The surgery itself wasn’t as painful as the following few days.
The “kicked, HARD” analogy is apt.

Now I no longer even notice, and have had no recurring incidents of pain.

I quite glad I had it done.

Stranger OUT

Very happy experience.

Also had a local anesthesia, and felt some pulling as the sorted out the vas and out some length of them.

The most unpleasant part was the cauterization. No pain, but a very unpleasant smell of burning MEat!

Had totally forgotten about that burned meat cauterization smell!

  • There was a dull ache which went away after a couple days, and then no pain. Though the doc said no sex for a week, I was ready to go in much less time than that (but I did heed his advice).

  • About 4 weeks before I had a confirmed 0 sperm count.

  • No residual pain at all, other than the initial ache after the procedure.

My wife calls me the vasectomy poster-boy. I walked into the doctor’s office and an hour later walked out finished (and a little loopy). My procedure went perfectly, as far as I could tell. My most vivid memory from the procedure itself was talking to the doctor about my job, high as a kite on laughing gas, then looking down and seeing smoke rising. “Oh look, smoke!” I believe I said, giggling.

A few days after the procedure, I could still see a little hole in my scrotum if I looked hard, but now I can’t even see that. No pain, no change in performance, and lots more freedom while having sex.

All aces, I say.

Had mine right after the second son was born; it didn’t make much sense to have my wife’s tubes tied. I do admit I was a bit creeped out when I thought about it beforehand…and had a twinge of doubt.

Now, before I say anything else…the procedure was nearly painless, and so was the time afterwards. And no worries about getting pregnant, and no messing around with birth control. I very highly recommend a vasectomy.

So…I get out the scissors and the safety razor, and have at it the envening before the big day…that was a new experience! I figured that I would do it myself, since the Dr told me that they could have the nurse do the prep or me. Interesting breezes appeared in my house that night that had never been there before.

So, the next morning off we go to the Dr’s office (he was one of the pioneers in developing a method of vasectomy with a very high rate of success in reversals by the way), where I was told to strip and lay on the table. This was so that the nurse could come in and do the disinfectant soap and drapping. So the nurse sticks her head in the door, and looks…and laughs!!! It was cold in the room, and I was a bit nervous, so you can imagine what she was laughing at. BTW, both my wife and I knew this nurse socially and she and my wife thought this would be funny to do!

Anyway, she comes back in with the Dr, and things are scrubbed and draped. The Dr then gives me the local, which was the most uncomfortable part of the entire procedure. As he waits for the injections to take effect, he and the nurse are chatting away while I lie there. Finally he reaches over and does something in the numbed area and asks if I can feel it…“Nope”, I reply, and away we go. I remember laying there and noticing that he had very long nosehairs…I can still picture it this moment…I guess that the situation made a very strong mental picture.

When he is through doing the snipping and stitching, he gives me a truss-like thing and the usual debriefing. Things like keep it dry for tonight, and wear the truss, and “Yes, you can have sex as soon as you want”, and “Come back in x days to get the stitches out”, and so forth.

So off the wife and I go. I was pretty comfortable, and was really enjoying the admonition to get a good rest. Also, I was acutely aware of the region in question, what with the sensations of the shave and the truss…sorta strong and constant reminders.

That night, being horney, and anxious to see if I really was still functionalI sorta snuggled up to the wife (who being a whole lot smarter than me thought I was crazy…but was willing to participate in the experiment)… and things proceeded in the manner of any proper exploratory trial.

Well, everything worked as it did before, except that it felt a bit funny. But, hey…I had just had something done there, so that seemed normal to me. I was feeling pretty good about the confirmation of my southern bits working as before, so off to sleep I went.

Several hours later in the middle of the night I heard the call of nature, and went to the loo. Of course I needed to turn on the light because of the strange support that I was wearing…and when I looked down in the harsh glaring wee hours of the morning light…I was completely purple! I stumbled back into the bedroom and woke my wife up…I was terrified…luckily she is a nurse, and after some time explained what had happened…Apparently I had a blood vessel spring a little leak, and I really had blue…OK, purple boys. The next morning I call the Dr and he says not to worry.

Purple turns to almost black, and then fades through green to yellow…a virtual scrotal rainbow. Not so my embarrassment as I go in for stitches; my wife had told her nurse friend the story!

So my recommendation is to not have sex for several days postop.

Only on an anonomous board would I ever tell about this.

Hang in there, Phouchg…congratulations on your decision!

Done in my local general practitioners office by him. Al over quite quickly. Now it ought to be painless, but durign the cauterization process the local anaesthetic wore off…<b>OUCH!!!</b>

Other than that no side effects at all, couple of tests to ensure it works and all done. Good luck