So... what are you supposed to be doing now?

I work at a Record/CD store… is guess I should be pricing used vinyl right now. Fortunately, I’m the boss… so I won’t get in too much trouble.

I should be working on the site for the midnight update, but we’re having major corporate-wide server trouble, so I’m just waiting for it to get fixed.

Ho hum.

As a responsible grad student, I should be starting my German homework (Translating a paragraph about the 30 years war! Joy!), but instead I am simultaneously playing online Bingo, checking the score on my hockey game, and drinking a beer.

I should be at my mother’s trying to get her computer to play music CD’s. It plays game sound files and windows wav files just fine, but not music CD’s. I gave up after trying everything I knew and slunk away home with the promise to surf around looking for fixes when I got home (she’s not connected to the net as of yet.)

Instead, here I am. Sorry Ma. :smiley:

Trying to self teach Ms Office for better job opportunities
Sleeping (yeah gotta work early ): )
Not waiting up hoping someone special will sign on…

Cleaning, Organizing.

Triss Did your mother’s computer ever play CD’s or are you just trying to get it to do so now? If not, then crack open the case, there should be a three pin cabel going from the CD-rom to the sound card. If not, there’s your problem.



Oh, and on topic, I’m giving slightly intoxicated computer advice instead of sleeping.


Exercising–oh, wait, I did that already. So I’m back here.

Absolutely nothing. And I am doing a very good job of doing it too.

Writing papers. I have to produce 130-180 pages worth of research papers between now and May.

In 26 hrs I will be flying 10,000 miles away and I still am wavering over the final cut of what goes into the pack and what stays in the pile on the floor.

It was all too much for me, so I took a little break.

I should be asleep, but I’m talking to my boyfriend on IM and another friend. I really don’t even have to be asleep since we’re probably going to be snowed in tomorrow anyway. But I would like to read a few chapters of a new book that just came from Amazon.


I’m sorry, I didn’t mention that the games were CD games in my post above. The CD ROM runs the games perfectly, including the music. But your unexpected kindness in offering a fix is most appreciated, that_darn_cat. Thank-you. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a good girl since that post, though. Despite my monitor-fatigued, bleeding eyeballs, I’m still looking. I’m no computer expert and am easily perplexed, but since I have found exactly nothing yet, this is starting to seem like a weird problem to have. ::sigh::

(Sorry for the hijack)

I’m supposed to be eating PIE right now.

But I’m out of PIE.


Sleeping. Or, theoretically, studying, or revising the NDP-Quebec website to remove the announcement about the peace rally that already happened.

Probably sleeping, but I woke up at 3am and needed to upload the photos from the Birthday Dope.

ummm Getting ready for church

but no, I’m a heathen and I’m going to miss AGAIN.

(This also means I’ll get those lovely phone calls later this week saying “We missed you.” - which I will use Caller-ID and not answer)

I am so going to hell…

Out buying duct tape and plastic sheeting, according to John Ashcroft.

Getting ready for the gym.