So, what did I get Mrs Piper for Christmas?

Picked it up tonight and snuck it into the hall cupboard, behind the coats, because the fellow I bought it from warned me not to keep it someplace cold, like the garage. “It’s not the highest quality,” he sez, " but cold might damage it."

After I bought it from him (private sale; he’s upgrading to a better quality one), I went to a local store to get a couple of accessories that Mrs Piper will need. Accessory 1 is necessary for the main prez to work, and Accessory 2 is necessary for Accessory 1 to work.

Tomorrow, I need to sneak out to the drugstore and get a big roll of Christmas paper to wrap it.

So, what is Mrs P going to find by the tree on Christmas morn?

A cello.


Are you monitoring my e-mails?!?

St Germain gets it in one!!

Four minutes!

Spill - how’d you do it?

I had no idea that Mrs. P played cello.

Well done, Northern Piper!

I doubt I’d have guessed it myself, but now that I know, yeah, the combination of “cold-sensitive super special present even if not highest quality” and “able to be hidden behind coats in cupboard” and “needs a big roll of paper to wrap it” does suggest a large but portable musical instrument.

And now, St Germain has shut down for the night, leaving me hanging, in awe at her detective skillz!

I assume accessory 1 is the bow, but I’m not sure about accessory 2. Rosin, maybe?

Correct for both!

She doesn’t, but wants to learn something new, and has always liked cellos.

According to Yo Yo Mah, cellists are the fun guys at the back of the bus, likely smoking prohibited substances and getting mellow, unlike the high-strung violinists and viola players.

Will she take lessons?

I started teaching myself cello on my 70th birthday, four years ago (I’ve already played violin and viola). I must be improving, because cats no longer run and hide when I play.

MsTokyo has been taking cello for about four years with some breaks in it.

She really loves it!

Ha! I am in awe of StGermain. I was a loooong way from guessing anything, let alone a cello. Hope she loves it (and learning to play it). Merry Christmas to all of Clan Piper!

I thought it was a gun. Man oh man I need to get outta redneck country for awhile.

I thought it was a mop handle, and that the accessories were the mop head and a bucket.

Northern Piper is a much better husband than that, and a mop handle would hardly be damaged by cold.

You’re gonna learn the string bass next, right?

Awesome, Northern. Why don’t you get some fancy cello-phane to wrap it up in?

I assume so. She doesn’t have any previous experience. It all came about because a co-worker was talking about upgrading his cello after learning to play it, and she sounded interested, so I bought it from him. He’s going to recommend his instructor to her.

To your room! Now! :smack:

Northern Piper - I just thought “what instrument’s big enough to hide behind coats in a closet?” and cello was the first thing that came to mind. I figured it was an instrument because of the comment about the cold.