So, what do I need to know about Brisco County, Jr.?

I understand this is a rather popular (though short-lived) TV series starring that most dependable of cult favorite B-list actors, Bruce Campbell. It’s finally out on DVD today and Netflix has it. Should I put it at the bottom of my queue? It’s a Western, it’s a comedy, there are time travelers (?)…what else do I need to know?

That I’m going to go buy the shit out of it today.

Basically, it’s just a really great show. It’s one of those “Kooky Westerns” in the vein of “The Wild Wild West,” where there’s some anachronistic technology (including time travel), most of the language is anachronistic (a woman in a brothel might exclaim “Oy!”), and it’s generally goofy. But it’s not a capital-c Comedy - there’s quite a bit of swashbuckling and detective-style work, and it’s very heavily informed by the Indiana Jones movies.

It’s one of those rare things that manages to be both hilarious and cool at the same time.

Just that you’ll probably love it. It’s intelligently done - it doesn’t pander to the lowest common demoninator

Also, you’ll recognize the theme music if you’ve watched the Olympics on NBC at any time in the past 15 years or so.

NFL on Fox, too.

BCJ was a great show. Pretty much the last one I watched with any regularity. I have the show on order from Amazon and it should be coming in soon.

Heck, I even organized a write-in campaign to save it and Bruce called while I was out and left a nice ‘thank you’ message for me. I still have the tape up in the attic someplace.

I’m gonna take my copy to Comic-Con this weekend and have Bruce autograph it!

Remember that piece of shit Will Smith movie The Wild Wild West? Now imagine it were done with wit, humour and intelligence, and starred Bruce Campbell. Go buy it.

Ooh! Ooh! I didn’t know that Brisco County, Jr. had been released on DVD. Thanks for the info. Now I need to inveigle my husband into buying it for me. Birthday was months ago. Anniversary was last month. Christmas is months from now. Is there such a thing as a Labor Day present?

C’mon lady, be a modern woman. Buy it yourself, and kick the ole man out of the house if he dares utter a peep about your wild-spending ways!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s on the way to my house, having pre-ordered it months ago as a gift for my daughter’s birthday. That makes two Bruce Campbell birthday gifts in a row, last year was an autographed copy of Make Love the bruce campbell way.

Naw. I like the “ole man” better than I like Bruce Campbell. Just barely.

Excellent News! I knew it was due to be released to DVD eventually, but I had no idea it was this close. Now I can finally delete those crappy bootlegs I downloaded from bittorrent.

At the bottom??? No way, man. This sucker should go straight to the top!

I got disc #1 from Netflix today, but sadly, it was scratched. :frowning: (On the bright side, the DVD froze right on a very seductive frame of Dixie Cousins…)

You need to know that it should be at the **top **of your queue :smiley:

Not to hijack, but Jack of All Trades also came out on DVD today.

Which makes my weekend calendar look something like:
Stop at store. Buy BCJ and JoaT. See Clerks II. Watch BCJ. Order Pizza. Watch Joat. :smiley:

The one thing I didn’t like about the series, apart from its premature cancellation, was that in the Pilot, they established a great character, John Astin’s character’s daughter, who I hoped would be Brisco’s permanent love interest, because she was just great. But instead they fell back on Dixie, the more vivacious but annoying character, to take that role.

I am going to get this ASAP. Hurray!

Definitely get that “Briscoe County Junior” DVD.
People have mentioned it deals with time travel, yet I’m surprised no one has mentioned “the Orb”.
It had great guest stars (John Astin, Timothy Leary, Terry Bradshaw, Denise Crosby, etc) and as others have said, the anachronisms are hilarious. (Bowler telling a kid “Hey thanks for the donut, Duncan.”)
Well, before I type out all the scripts, I’ll just say Briscoe County Junior was one of the best shows ever to hit the airwaves.

*Nobody * touches Pete’s piece!

I have it on order from Amazon and can’t wait for it to get here. Now I can finally get rid of the VHS copies I recorded from TNT when they used to show it at 5AM on Saturday mornings.

It’s a really fun show and I recommend it to all people who don’t suck and like things that are good. :slight_smile: