So, what'd you have for dinner?

Me, I made Chicken Paprikas. Delicious Hungarian dish (duh) with paprika (double duh), peppers, tomatoes, sour cream, and onions. Over egg noodles (I didn’t have any spaetzle, and I didn’t feel up to making Hungarian dumplings (basically the same thing, only homemade). It was delicious, and I now have leftovers for at least two meals!

So, what did you have for dinner?

Lobster & shrimp at The Red Lobster restaurant. :cool:

Leftover steak and a baked potato.

A can of chili and a can of Diet Dr. Pepper. A post-migraine kinda meal.

Chicken picatta. My own twist on my mom’s recipe. Mmmmmmmm.

A miso egg-salad sandwich, mesquite barbecue potato chips, iced tea and about one-third of a milk chocolate rabbit.

Tomorrow night should be better though, we’re going to a Japanese restaurant.

Homemade Grilled Cheese on whole wheat bread dipped in ketchup, with organic chocolate milk.

Spaghetti (thin) with Newman’s Marinara sauce and meatballs.
Also water.

Spaghetti(thin) with Newmans Marinara sauce.
Washed down with water.

Triscuits and cheddar cheese.
Not really hungry for more than that.

Cheese, mushroom and tomato ketchup toastie.

Ramen noodles, mushroom flavored.

tuna salad sammich

Didn’t feel like cooking today

Garlic flavored couscous, nothing on it, nothing on the side. And water.

Er. Followed by popcorn and a small block of Ghirardelli chocolate.

Pipian with pork, rice, home-made tortillas and a bottle of Negro Modelo.

Brunswick Stew. Started it about 2:00 today.

Just about ready to serve. Making buttermilk biscuits(from scratch) to go with it.

I used chicken, as it is illegal to shoot squirrels within the city limits.

Those nice people at Papa John’s delivered a pizza to my front door. Imagine that!

Grilled jerk chicken
Green beans in tomato sauce
corn on the cob

Sparkling water

Small (“baby”) soft serve chocolate cone (walked down to the creamy whip for this one)

Mixed vegetables and Cheerios with honey, since the veggies weren’t quite enough.

Dad had chicken livers, eggs and onions. Yuk! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re just about ready to eat - Salsa Chicken with veggies (we had to use frozen veggies 'cuz we burned the asparagus and cauliflower when my SOs dad called and we forgot that it was still set to “HI” :frowning: )
We have peach punch to drink, and my SO bought me gummies for dessert :slight_smile: