So, Whatever Happened To The Little Boy In The Rod Stewart "Forever Young" Video?

Come on, admit it, you went “Ahhhhhhh” when that cute little curly-haired moppet grabbed Rod’s nose. I know you did, I did too.

“And when you finally fly away, I’ll be hoping that I taught you well…” I’m not even a parent but that line and the shot of Rod slapping his knee and raising his arm in a sweeping gesture touches me, manipulative as it may be.

I’m sure he was just a kid chosen for the video for his cuteness factor, but it was a charming ride in the bed of that old truck.

I’ve tied to Google on “Stewart Forever Young Little Boy,” and other combinations. As is usually the case, I’m sure someone out in SDMBLand knows the straight dope on this kid who would probably be in his early-20s now.


Sir Rhosis

He got forever older.

^^^Nah uh, you lie. He stayed a cute lovable kid forever. He didn’t grow up and become just a mundane person, or a crackhead, or a bum on the bus like the rest of us…


Sir Rhosis

And what’s more, that cute little Feral Kid from “The Road Warrior” is still… well, curte and feral, I suppose.

Sir Rhosis

I’m reasonably sure that the kid is Rod’s nephew or some other relative.
So I assume that he’s got a decent chance of scoring chicks way out of his league on the association factor alone.

And for that, I hate him.

On the subject of Rod Stewart, is “The Killing Of Georgie” a true story?

His name is Alex Zuckerman, and indeed he has grown up. Look him up on IMDB.