So, where were you when you got The News? (Trump guilty of 34 felonies)

I was in the parking lot of my optometrist’s office; I had just picked up my new glasses.

Please share!

Sitting in my front room while cruising the internet with the TV on in the background. Sort of like I do every day around this time.

I’m in my bedroom at my personal table, using my laptop. This is terrifickal news! I am ecstatic.

On my porch with my (indifferent) cat on my lap.

I expected to hear car horns honking! For Pete’s sake, I live in Ann Arbor

Just sat down at a bar in Denver. Ordered my beer before I knew it was a celebratory one. It tastes extra good now.

At home working and checking my phone to see the news on SDMB.

Also my wife was watching CNN downstairs and yelling about it.

At home on the computer; I wanted to check if my Czech e-mail got any messages, and went on the provider’s homepage, where I saw the news in Czech. I immediately went over to CNN.

A historic day.

Right here on the Dope (while working from my home office).

In the meantime, I took one for the team and looked at the ultra right-wing OANN website. “So called hush money trial.” Harumph.

A quote from X: “Ray Charles could have seen this one coming.”

Just woke up from a nap. Ivy said look at TV. And then "turn it up!’ And then “don’t you get too excited, now.”

Then I texted someone “CNN, now!”

Opened the Dope and posted.

I sat down to check out the Dope, and, Whoomp! There it is!

At a bar in LAX waiting for a very delayed flight.

I was sitting on the can, which seems oddly appropriate. Who else is having a drink in celebration now? Join me!

In the office. Saw the nice large CNN headline over a coworker’s shoulder.

I was in my kitchen getting cleaning supplies to clean vomit out my car when Alexa starting goin off. It’s been a weird day.

Relaxing on the couch after a long day writing grants.

Accountability, that’s all I ever wanted.

I’m on holiday in Copenhagen. I read the news sitting on the couch in our rental unit. It’s now half past midnight and I’m drinking a Tuborg Classic to celebrate (it’s all I have).

Playing catch in the backyard with my grandson. Pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time and there it was.

Surfing in my living room. Just checked in with the NYT to see if there was any news and OMG!!!

Sitting in my computer chair in front of the computer, reading the Dope.