So, where were you when you got The News? (Trump guilty of 34 felonies)

I saw it just as I was leaving work; I’m only now able to pour myself a tall glass of the good stuff — which I’ll raise as if clinking to yours.

On my answering machine. Friend called to celebrate.

Sitting in my recliner watching Jeopardy. I was okay with the interruption.

Can’t drink much. Upset stomach. Think I’ll have tea.

In the kitchen. About to cook something but I stopped when I heard they reached a verdict.

I had just finished a composition, which made me happy.

In honesty, Trump being a convicted felon made me happier.

I get breaking news announcements, so when I checked my email, there it was. Now come the appeals.

:nauseated_face: :astonished:

I hope it wasn’t your own!

My neighbors and I went to Arbys, we walked home and sat outside, I looked at the Dope and announced it.
This was 6 minutes ago.

I put on NewsNation is during my last hour of work. They’re usually balanced but they started yammering about Biden’s handling of the economy while waiting for Bragg so I switched to CNN.

I found out at the beginning of ABC nightly news. They had a special report.

They admitted Trump will probably not get jail time. It doesn’t change the election. No one knows how voters will react.

Sentencing date July 11

I’m on holiday in Thailand and woke around 4,30am local time. Switched on the telly and the BBC had their BREAKING NEWS emblazoned all over the screen.

Happy days!

In my office, surfing the SDMB, with CNN on in the background.

I didn’t get a lot of real work done.

About 4 minutes ago. I checked the SDMB on my phone, checked for New Posts, turned on CNN, and am now posting. Wow!

In front on my PC at home.

It is certainly very good news, but will anything substantial come of it? Teflon Don has shown an amazing ability to get out of facing consequences for his actions.

About 15 minutes ago. I was at work when it happened (c. 4:20PM Central Time) and for whatever reason, I didn’t see any notifications on my phone (normally it’ll blow up for a major breaking news event, like it did on 1/6/21). Drove home (no data on my cell phone plan), went to the store for milk and strawberries, got home at c. 5:50PM, there was Ms. Homie asking me why I hadn’t responded to her Facebook Messenger DM (because I was on the road at the time).

Read there was a verdict as yet unannounced, so we turned on the television set and kept checking phones. Then it was announced. Then MSNBC and CNN both went off the air – last time I checked they were both still off. We watched NBC instead.

Just woke up from a nap, sat down at my computer, read the news, opened SDMB and this was the top thread. So, 45 seconds ago.

Laying in bed feeling sorry for myself due to this wicked fever I have

At the office watching the msnbc stream and on the sdmb.