So, who would you think of more after-the-fact?

Pretend that you are a guy; pretend two women seem to be interested in meeting you (not me, you).
(This will never actually happen to anyone… ever… but play along anyway.)

One (seems to) want to meet you, but the best she can manage is to walk by you with her nose in the air… and when you say " Name … is that you?" totally and completely ignore you.

One contacts you under a phony name by email and arranges a job interview. She is harsh in person… Brutal… but she sits across a desk from you and every criticism of you that she has contains a point that is valid… and she looks you in the eye when making them. Although it was painful, by the end of the meeting, you wish that she was at the very least your mentor.

Each are equally incredibly beautiful (but it’s rude to notice that, so never mind that). Q: Who do you remember more?

Why am I supposed to think either of these women are interested in me? One ignored me when I called to her on the street and the other was unfriendly to me during a job interview.

I’m seeing two possibilities. Either “I” am imagining that these women are interested in me because I’m attracted to them and I’m projected my feelings on to them. Or “I” haven’t told people reading this post what other encounters I’ve had with these women that provides support for my belief they’re interested in me.

I’ll have to do some detective work on that…

Attraction aside, I would remember the second one more just because I had a longer interaction (and potential job) with her than some woman ignoring me for ten seconds on the street.

Plus someone arranging a job interview with a fake name would be remarkably weird whereas attractive women ignoring me on the street is just another day :smiley:

What Jophiel said. They sound like two nasty pieces of work, and I don’t ever want to see either one again. If they were interested in me, they blew it bigly, and the devil with 'em.

But, yeah, I’d tell all my friends about the 2nd one, while the 1st one would go forgotten.

I’d think more of 2#, since she at least contacted/talked to me.

Maybe I’m missing something. You say that, by the end of the meeting with the second woman, I’ll be wishing that she was at the very least my mentor; as you aren’t leaving that memorable part up to me, shouldn’t you likewise note what I’d be wishing after an equally-beautiful woman [checks notes] walks by me without responding?

“Sounds like she made a real impression on you.”
“Damn right; I wish she were my mentor. Maybe even something more.”
“Maybe even something more?”
“Oh, hell, yeah.”
“What about her sister?”
“…her sister exists.”

Color me clueless. I got no idea what this is getting at.

The last person who offered me a fake job interview was invited to a river cruise on the Styx.

Golly, what did you shoot her with? The National Enquirer sure wants to know.

Eh, not even the weirdest fantasy I’ve seen on this board, never mind the internet.

Numero dos. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

Neither strike me as someone I’d want to know. But I’d recall the second much more since I’d have an actual (unpleasant) conversation with her. I likely wouldn’t even recognize the second woman if I ran across her again, I don’t normally look at random people I meet more than necessary to avoid running into them.

So it’s cold and distant vs blatantly honest.

I’ll go with the latter.

For a direct answer to the OP’s question it would be #2.

However, that last thing I’d be thinking is they were “interested” me. #1 is just another stuck up person (who will get iggy from me from now on) and #2 would be viewed as nothing but trouble if hired, always picking out others flaws.

Walk away, dude. Just walk away.