So who's terrorized?

So… with all these flags and orange alerts and increased security - who is terrorized this weekend?

My family had me going for a little while until some friends and I talked it out. Living in Atlanta my dad and one of my sisters are concerned that Atlanta might be a target. So they were talking about me getting out of the city. Like before tomorrow since my sister thinks if she were a terrorist that tomorrow is the day she would hit us.

So I was worked up for a while and I called a few friends to talk to them so I could just get my thoughts out. And one of them made lots of good points which calmed me down.

So bottom line is I’m staying in town and going on with life.

Where do you all stand?

I am of the firm opinion that if you let the terrorists make you live in fear, or disrupt the ordinary goings on of life, then you have let them win. That having been said, I will be the first one to report any of the following:[ul]
[li]Suitcases or briefcases lying around in odd places.[/li][li]Odd gasses or powdery substances other than those at Taco Bell[/li][li]Michael Jackson looking even less “normal”.[/li][li]Unmarked vans parked in front of important buildings.[/li][li]Missiles flying overhead.[/li][li]Groups of people using the word Jihad in sentences.[/li][/ul]
Are there any other tell-tale signs we should be on the lookout for?

I have not bought any duct tape or plastic in response to a news item in my entire life, I will not start now.

I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Terrrorist alerts are like forecasts of snow in Dallas. If they predict it, it never happens. It only snows or sleets when the forecasters think it won’t. I also believe that the most dire threat to our nation at this time is from a different right-wing militant government - ours.

Well laying in bed last night thinking it suddenly dawned on me that there was a possibility that I could die tomorrow. Which is the first time I always thought that. Now I’ve always known that it was possible but I have never considered it in that way. But it passed and I eventually fell to sleep.

It does kinda make me wish I lived on one of the outer islands but even living a few miles from Pearl Harbor doesn’t make me feel as if I am in too much danger. At least no more then I was at any time in the 80s when all at was with the Soviets was still a possibility.

Gas prices are terrorizing!

Seriously, no. No duct tape and plastic. But duct tape is good for many other purposes.

[li]Unusually large purchases of box cutters[/li][li]Fuses sticking out of shoes, hats, butt cracks, etc.[/li][li]crop duster aircraft spraying Times Square[/li][/ul]

They should be more concerned with Christian Terrorists.
Eric Robert Rudolph already struck there once.

Colour me stupid but how is buying duct tape and plastic going to help? Is the US govt. hoping that a nation wide shortage of duct tape and plastic will be enough to put the terrorists off?

And would you believe that there’s a new Dune book out on the library shelves right now with the word “jihad” in the title??? How do they get away with it?

Well, I’m planning on being terrorized this weekend. We’ll set up the saferoom and hang out in there! All huddled together, locking our 3 cats in with us. It’ll be great! Kinda like when I was a kid and we made tents outta blankets in the family room and pretended we were camping!! I’m psyched for it!! WOO HOO!!

But I’m sure I will have to take my wife out for dinner first on Friday. But after that, MAN! Terror City, baby!!!