SoA (Sons of Anarchy) Question

Watching SoA last night, I got to thinking…what kind of money does the MC bring in? It seems that Clay and Jemma live in a nice house, but Jax’s digs are avarage at best. I know that the shop is a front for their illegal business so you wouldnt expect them to live like millionaires, nut if my ass was in danger of getting killed or thrown in prision, my quality of life would need to make up for the danger. Any clue?


They don’t do it just for money, they do it so that they are not wage slaves. They live outside the law because they see themselves as free, and everyone else as chumps. And the money.

Which season? Seems like in seasons 1-3 they are barely scraping by and constantly losing money then in season 4 due to a change in their ethical stance all of a sudden they have big money…

The best explanation I found for the one percenter lifestyle is this: the mob wants the money and will do anything to get it; crime becomes the means to wealth. The one percenter wants to be left alone and does what he has to to survive outside a conventional life; crime becomes a defense of a lifestyle.

Which doesn’t really explain the Teller and Morrow tract houses, does it?

What I don’t get is why they sometimes talk about “losing their charter” or how it takes a minimum number of people to maintain a “nomad” chapter. There are rules to this?

Apparently. They said last season that the Nomads charter broke apart & the Nomads joined SOA charters. This season they said it take @ least 4 members to start a Nomad charter if they cant/want to find a home.