Sons of Anarchy - Anyone watching?

Okay, I will admit my paternal uncle was a founding member of a now-defunct motorcycle club, so this shows holds a certain fascination for me.
However, I did start watching it fairly recently with Season Two and it’s not a bad show. I was thrilled last night see the guy that plays “Ham” on Saving Grace as one of the Tacoma Chapter members.
Anyway, anyone else watching it? Can anyone give me clue what happened on Season 1? I tried reading some of the plot analysis, but specifically I want to know where Jax’s baby came from, and where the mom is?

The baby was Jax’s and his meth-head ex-girlfriend’s. She went to rehab and makes a couple of appearances later on. The baby was premature because Jax’s mother replaced the ex-girlfriends drugs with something. Jax suspects this but isn’t sure.

I have been a regular. FX puts out some top-notch stuff.

They haven’t started filming S3 yet, so you have plenty of time to watch S1 if you care to.

I would love to, but I can’t find it for rent anywhere and don’t really want to buy it (my next TV DVD purchase will be Burn Notice S1 and 2)

Burn Notice is a very fun show but 5, 10, or 20 years down the line, the TV show that you’ll be going back to watch from time to time is going to be SoA.

When season three begins, will we see if a bunch of career criminals who work at an automotive shop realize that boats can be hot-wired just like cars? Making that more curb than cliff hanger.

That’s not quite right. The baby was premature because Jax’s ex-wife was a junkie who was using during her pregnancy. After the baby was born, Gemma gave the ex-wife a heavy dose, in the hopes that she would OD.

Okay - one more queston - what’s up with Stahl’s face? I remember her from the Profiler and she was very beautiful, now her face, while still pretty, is off…?

When she hands the ex-wife the meth, Gemma is all but telling her that the world and her baby would be much better off if she just overdosed and killed herself, so just take it already…cold stuff. Even as an “old lady”, she’s probably the most ruthless character on the show, the “den mother from hell”.

Well she got her face slammed into a prison conference table in one of the early tables. Like several times.

Hence her face is slightly askew.

Of course by tables, I mean one of the earlier episodes. My brain is also slightly askew.

They haven’t even started filming yet? WTF?