Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies

And they’ve started…

They’re doing a ‘slide show’ of famous Russians. Interesting they showed Igor Sikorsky, since I associate his fame with designs he made in the U.S.; but he was a designer in Russia before coming here.

And there’s a shout-out to Eisenstein.

And some fireworks…

A little girl being flown by a kite, over iconic scenes of Russia. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian villiage, Lake Baikal… Accompaniment by a Russian chorus with people representing the various ethnicities.

Very pretty.

Any giant bottles of vodka?

The Hymn Of The Soviet Union. That’s what I call it. I guess it’s just the ‘Russian National Anthem’ now. Always liked that piece.

Heh… starting out with the Cyrillic alphabet to show how awesome the Russians are and now a choir singing the national anthem… I think they should just call it a day. I think the point has been made.

I liked how the people portraying the Russian flag moved so as to make the flag wave. And again, there’s just something about their National Anthem that gets me. Even though the were the ‘Bad Guys’ most of my life, that’s a moving piece of music.

yeah, but have they got the Spice Girls?

Bermuda are wearing bermudas… and still the US outfits are dorkier.

Whatever you say about the USSR, it had the most kickass national anthem ever.

Whoa! The German uniforms are hideous!

Even though they’re denying it, the rainbow thing must be deliberate.

Lemme know how the Canucks look.

Red Hudson Bay jackets with black stripes and toggles. They don’t look bad, but nothing memorable. From a distance they look like a bunch of Mounties. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least they aren’t hideous. Whew.

Much better than Germany’s.

Yep, pleasant but not too memorable. The uniforms are much the same …

Indeed, safe to say the Germans are making a STATEMENT.

Holy crap. I actually laughed out loud at work when I saw that. Good thing my office-mate is out for the day.


Watching the athletics enter the stadium was kinda boring what with them wearing parkas or in the case of Andorra wearing their woollen jumpers. The Bermuda team did look out of place in their not very practical blazers and shorts and they got a smile from me.

Then the USA team entered the stadium: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Thanks for the laugh guys.

I don’t get the hate for the U.S. uniforms. They’re a bit patchworky-looking, and I wouldn’t wear one; but I don’t think they’re bad. Just not very good. (OK, they do look like something Grandma would knit; but still…)