I have made several sets and several singles of crocheted pads to protect tables and counters from hot pots. They’re 100% cotton, machine washable and dryable, and available in several colors. I offer two styles.

One is made by crocheting two strands of yarn at the same time, making a very thick pad. These are available in round, square, and rectangular. The other style is made from two round pads crocheted with a single strand, then crocheted together, making a double-thick pad.

Photos of the SofTrivets are here. I show the pads alone, then with a clear glass casserole to give a sense of scale. I can do custom orders on request, depending upon the availability of specific colors of yarn. A recent order of 4 was sent about 1100 miles via Priority Mail for $5.50 and arrived in 2 days.

Thanks for looking!

Can you hold on to the first set (green/sage) until Friday for me? I absolutely love it but wont be able to pay until then.

Not a problem. That happens to be the one set of colors that I have lots of yarn in reserve, so if you prefer different shapes, I can do that too.