Solid Waste: A Linguistic Poll

Inspired by this thread.

What do you usually call your solid waste matter?

Yay, poop!

When I was little, I had a friend whose brother had severe disabilities, and he had a lot of trouble eating and digesting food. Once when I was at their house, I noticed their kitchen calendar had my initials all over it. I asked about it, and was really embarassed when they explained that "BM"s meant her brother had pooped that day.

Solid waste is what goes in the landfill. I call it garbage.

My answer pertains only to the strict definition as implied in the poll.

In other words, if we’re talking about what comes out of my pets, it’s shit.

Party POOPer!

How could a list of so many choices leave out the best one- turd?

I use Poo/Poop (Sibling/Uncles) , Feces, and Bowel Movements or BM (Colleagues and Workers/Doctors and such). So it varies depending on who I’m around.

But I more commonly just say around most friends and family “I have to go to the bathroom.” or “I went to the bathroom.”
Well what did you DO in there? “I used the bathroom.”

Dunno why, just something I’ve done since I was a kid, since that’s what my mom would always call it when I went/was going (walking) to the bathroom. I just associate the room with the act and the product. It’s a euphemism gone too far.

Poll should have included “deuce”.

If it’s particularly offensive in odor, texture or delivery experience it’s a “deuce royale”.

Not to hijack, but in the ‘other’ column, I worked with a guy that would, for effect, say that someone, usually a female (to make it funnier), was either “Blowing mud” or “laying rope” if they were off in the ladies room.

I have the sense of humor of a nine year old boy, so it would crack me up everytime.

I clicked “Other” because there was no option for “Junior.”