Some cowardly shitstain fascist stole my Biden sign

I suspect that booby-trapping your sign in some way probably falls afoul of some local law or another, but IANAL.

Personally I’d just put a small note at the bottom of the sign, readable only if you’re holding the sign, saying “Steal this sign if you have tiny misshapen genitals”.

Replace the nice, sane, polite Biden sign with one that explains how you really feel.
November Thrird
Flush The Turd

Howdy neighbor!

How about coating parts of the sign with honey? Or something that would make it a sticky mess.

Ooo, how about something messy and not water-soluble, like axle grease or Vaseline?

Our neighbor’s was stolen early on. He never put one back. This town is a mixed bag of both signs.

Meh, stealing and vandalizing political signage is a grand American tradition.

Meh. Round here Trump signs are the ones getting stolen or have ‘BLM’ spray painted on them.

I’d buy another one and add a sign that says, “I must donate $10 to the campaign to get this sign, keep stealing it and I’ll have to keep funding my guy”

I’m thinking sticky glue rat trap pieces applied to the back. Got that tar baby vibe going.

Whatabout a trail cam setup? Get a picture of the vandal.

I’m pretty sure it was probably a libtard that took it in a false flag attack in order to make us true 'mericuns look bad. Many people are saying so.

Somebody here caught a political yardsign thief on a front-door security camera a few weeks back, made a police report and posted his picture on FB, but I never heard if they caught the guy.

My sister lives in a conservative, rural area and, after repeated theft and vandalism by members of “the party of law and order,” is resigned to having to take in her pro-Democratic signs every night.

I’ve got a Biden yard sign for making a small donation, but I refuse to put it out. Not because I’m afraid that it might get stolen, but because the MAGAtrash goobers that live around me might burn my house down.

Me too.
Same reason I don’t feel safe putting out anti-racism or BLM yard signs, nor virtually any bumper stickers. Learned my lesson with what happened to my car with my wicked liberal grandma bumper sticker.

What happened?

Keyed the sticker off the bumper and broke off side view mirror. To be fair, they also keyed the equal rights sticker.

Well there you go - believing in equal rights and all, you probably deserved it!

Still trying to figure out what they have against wicked grandmas. We’re the most fun! (Shhh…don’t tell your mother)

Since we’re in the Pit, I can safely say that considering who LEOs support, yeah, I doubt you’d get any love out of the report, since I bet if they caught the bad guy they’d give him a warning and then buy him a beer. Plus, putting it on FB just means that some Magaturd is jerking off to his ‘team’ owning the libs. Admittedly, if someone else IDs them for you, bringing them to small claims court would be fun, but likely unsuccessful. Personally, I’m with the capsicum oil option such as -

And if anyone starts shrieking like a howler monkey at 1 am, just point to the line - “It will also keep animals from nibbling your favorite garden plants and shrubs”, because of course you weren’t booby-trapping the sign, that’s lillegal! You were just protecting it from animals nibbling on it… :smirk:

:thinking: we DID have Vaderling’s school get locked down for the afternoon a couple years back for a mountain lion sighting, and where theres a predator there MUST be prey and if I were to catch someone redhanded stealing it, I charge them with trespassing as well cause it’s not going where it can be reached from the sidewalk.

1,000,000 sounds pretty serious. While a quick google turned up lots of references to the scoville scale and ghost peppers, I didn’t find anything about what that means as far as how it would affect a person beyond those peppers being militarized into weapons. Anyone point me to some specific info?

There are wild rabbits somewhere in the neighborhood, how do rabbits react to capsaicin?