Some people hear themselves implicated even when they are not!

I have a little 8# chihuahua that sleeps next to me in the bed under the covers. I made the statement last night that if I were him I would be concerned with getting crushed, it would be like me sleeping next to a hippopotamus. Now she thinks I was calling her a hippo no matter what I say or how I try to explain it. Why do some people insist on doing this?

My mom told me she was watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and they were all having lunch at some place that had a view of the ocean. Scott Disick said something like, “Look at that freighter go by” and Kris Jenner kept insisting that Scott had referred to her as being as big as a freighter even though he said something completely different which everyone else understood.

True story unfortunately.

Chihuahua = people? I don’t get it.

I haven’t watched that show, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts she did it deliberately to keep the drama level up. Otherwise, who’s gonna watch people just having a normal lunch?

Low self-esteem and/or a pathological need to have drama?

I have noticed that some people will, if I say that I don’t do something, automatically react that they don’t do that! Even though I was only talking about myself and not insinuating that they do do that thing. It’s weird. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be low self-esteem that causes that.

Who is “she”? Your wife?

I am guessing that you were thinking about the dog being crushed by you, but your wife misunderstood you to mean that it might be crushed by her, and that, therefore, you think she is like a hippo.

I guess she is hypersensitive about her weight. A lot of women, even ones who are not fat at all, seem to be that way, and tend to imagine that men (and other women) are secretly fixated upon and disgusted by their fatness, even though that is not the case. Modern society puts such absurd pressures on women to be slim that it is hardly surprising that many lose perspective about it.

It comes across as a weird mixture of insecurity and self-centeredness. They’re insecure enough to immediately assume that any fault applies to them, and self-centered enough to think that every conversation is about them.

Right, everything percieved as negative certainly pertains to them in some way.

Why are you calling us all negative?

I think it’s the underlined part.

Insecurity, that seems a fair cop. Self centeredness as in selfishness? As in “me-me-me, everything must be about me because I’m the only me in the room”? I don’t see it. I mean, i’ve seen the “me-me-me” in lots of people…
but none of them with that brand of insecurity.

It might be more of an “its all my fault” mind set than that, possibly born from years of “its all your fault” from an early age onward, but possibly not.
It almost seems like what you are describing are the long term effects of bullying, but that is a diagnosis I’m not qualified to make.

I remember the time I told the cat that her new collar made her ass look a mile wide. Not gonna do that again.

I do sense that, if I am in the kitchen cooking and say something like " oh shit" she has to run in to see whats wrong. She does think she is going to get blamed for everything, she felt that way at work as well.

Tell her to relax, fat people are supposed to be jolly.

She is hyper sensitive about her weight, she had cancer surgery almost 2 years ago and put on almost 50# after her surgery. She was always about 120# or so before that.

I can usually see how these things can start off as an honest mistake about who you were talking to, or what you actually meant, but I’m always amazed by the people who refuse to let the issue drop.

In high school, I had my girlfriend over to our family’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and I made a joke about how it was good we didn’t eat like this all the time or we’d all get fat. Somehow, she interpreted this to be me saying that she was fat. To me, it not only seemed clear as a joke, but also clear as an if/then scenario, not a statement about current fact, but she never got it.

Being insecure about weight really is a major source of this kind of anxiety too. Heck, my wife is on a new diet “so that I’ll be more attracted to her” which prompted me to re-re-re-explain that my only complaint about our sex life is that I don’t see her naked enough. I don’t take four layers of covers and two layers of clothes to be an invitation to sex and don’t appreciate having to pry them off of her to get what I need. She still doesn’t get it… she probably won’t ever get it.

170 lbs is NOT fat!

It is for a Chihuahua.


And it might still not be fat. It could be roided out.