Some sad news from Pixie Guy

Right, I know, I’m obsessed with him.

Anyway, it seems he lost his Tinkerbell.

Sad news indeed. :frowning:

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Oh, Jesus, I thought she was dead.

Should have been more specific. :eek:

Somebody nominate this for Weird Earl’s page. This is genuinely, 24 karat gold plated, galvanized, vulcanized, double stitched, hide bound, iron strapped, all present and accounted for, double bottomed and triple locked bizarre. :eek:

Think he’ll mind if I ask her out? I really like the red hair and floral bustier.

Oh no! That is so sad. I think Peter Pan is weird, but it was so cool that he had found someone to share his little fantasyland with. How sad that things didn’t work out for them. :frowning:

I thought the same thing auntie em did at first… :eek: Glad to know that my initial suppostions were not borne out! scott evil, I’m happy that you realized you should have been more specific… almost gave me a fright there for a minute! :slight_smile:

I think it already was, but I might be mistaken. Maybe I’m thinking of another site.

Been there, done that (myself, under a previous name). :slight_smile: Go to the very bottom of the archive page, click on the Weird Earl Archive link, then search the page.

Guess he ran out of fairy dust?

Well, he did a People’s Choice Webby for weird site of the year. His acceptance speech (they’re all limited to 5 words) was: “Weird? God loves us all.”

Anyway, there’s a hilarious (albeit a bit mean) deconstruction of his site here.

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Aww. That’s really sad. :frowning: Poor guy. I know he’s weird, but it’s nice to see a true free spirit, and even nicer to see that he’d found someone. Poor Peter.