Some Settling May Occur

This thread concerns interesting or amusing incidents or situations with packaging.

I’m sure most of the people who’ve had Reese’s Miniatures have gotten the rare double-wrapped or triple-wrapped Mini at one point or another. (I think my personal best is four.)

And in the LifeSavers bags that contain individual mints wrapped in clear plastic I’ve had some amusing mangled remnants, including half-savers, and one with an intact mint that had two little bits positioned inside that looked just like rabbit ears.

My own personal favorite, though, was in a local grocery store deli. I bought a small bag of potato chips for a snack. Well, something settled the heck out of that bag, because when I tore it open… I discovered that there were exactly three chips inside.

Must’ve gotten the diet version. :wink:

My husband doesn’t mind drinking store-brand cola, so we have a big 24-pack of it at home. I was removing some cans to chill and one seemed very light. “Uh-oh,” I thought … it opened and leaked and they’ll be a big mess in the bottom of the box!"

Nope! The can was only about a third filled with the coke-like substance! And the can was slightly crumpled. Huh. I cracked it open, poured it out, and recycled the can.

There was a lima bean in a can of corn one time.

Hm, what else? I’ve seen an empty potato chip bag, like your deli three-chip one, come out of a vending machine!

In a can of lima beans once, I found a little worm, all rolled up and cooked, the same shape and size and color as a lima bean. Poor thing never had a chance. :frowning:

I got a bottle of beer once with a cap labelled as a screw-top, but it didn’t have any threads on it. Lucky for me I always use a bottle opener, or I could have messed my fingers up something fierce…

Not exactly a packaging cock-up, but I love it when you get a Kit-Kat that they forgot to put any wafer in :slight_smile:

I was 15 and working at my first job. Break time came and, being very thirsty, I put some change in the Coke machine. I punched the button, grabbed the can and immediately thought “Hey, that doesn’t feel right!”. The can was empty. Sealed, no punctures, no dents, in pristine conditon, but empty. Cool! I could always buy another Coke but this would make a great souvenier! Who knows, maybe some rabid Coke memorabilia collector would offer me a million dollars for it! I proudly showed my new most prized possesion to my boss. He grabbed it, said “It can’t be empty. Coke’s bottler would never let it off the production line empty!” Then, right in front of my horrified eyes, he opened it. My new most prized possesion, which I had owned for all of 5 minutes, was now just a very clean inside, empty Coke can. All my boss had to say was “Huh. I guess it was empty”.

It wasn’t the only way he was a jerk.

Don’t worry ** Doctor Jackson**, that happens more often than you might think. I don’t know how it gets messed up, but I see sealed empty pop cans like that every so often (had one this past weekend, in fact!). So you may get another chance.