Someone bit Beyonce's face last December, according to Tiffany Haddish - !!

Go ahead and read the article here on Vox:

I thought I was somewhat pop culture literate, but I had heard nothing about this. At a post-Jay-Z concert party, some drugged-out actress bit Beyonce and Tiffany talked about it with her and offered to beat up the biter, because of course Tiffany Haddish.

The article does a good job of sharing what is known about what happened to Bey, but also framing how the blowing-up-bigger-as-a-star-every-day Tiffany Haddish brings her own flair to the situation.

Given how closely Beyonce keeps her personal information this is big news within the Bey-Hive I am sure.

I’ve been “following” this story on Buzzfeed (as in, I read their two articles about it) and I dunno…it seems like a non-story to me. The difference between a Queen and a newbie, I guess. But also the difference between someone who’s been around the craziness of fame for a while vs. someone who’s new to it (how Bey brushed it off as it could be a regular occurrance at parties she’s been to). And really the difference between a parent and a non-parent (how many times have you been bit by your toddler??) The difference between people who don’t let things get them.

It’s a silly thing. But with Twitter and Instagram, all silly things turn in to big things now, and it’s ok. We laugh to keep ourselves from crying, at this point :slight_smile: