Son et lumiere

We’re having a corker of a thunderstorm here.

Same here, but disappointed at the lack of thunder. But the lightening is impressive!

We’ve had a “violent storm warning” every evening for a week here, but so far they haven’t delivered.

I’m disappointed; I enjoy a good loud thunderstorm.

When you’re done with yours, could you send it over, please?

We had a pathetic thunderstorm earlier this afternoon here. It was rather boring. It did enough damage to knock out the cable and the internet for about an hour, but that was about it.
I adore a good thunderstorm. The stronger, the better!

It’s truly amusing that so far none of you have mentioned where you are, and your “location” tags give no clue.

FWIW we got a good downpour and a few rumbles of thunder here. Now it’s sunny again and the temp is rising again.

I’m in west central Indiana, Zeldar.
Yes, the sun is back out and the temps are rising here, too.
The rain was welcome, after almost 2 weeks of 90 degree temperatures. But, it was short lived, and the 90’s will be back tomorrow and Thursday.

Had a nice hard downpour here in Columbus, GA, but no thunder or lightening. The troops are out on the ranges at Fort Bennning, though, so with this low cloud cover we get an impressive “boom” now and then.

Ah yes. London calling.

Must be the remains of the one that unloaded over me this afternoon and went on to soak my son’s GF in Wantage this evening. I’m surprised there’s any oomph left in it!

I wish we’d get a decent thunderstorm here… there’s been storms to the left of me, storms to the right of me, but what’s stuck in the middle with me? Nothing but hot air! :mad:

At most, there have been a few fat drops of water at my place (more like someone sneezed from a passing airplane than anything), with occasional thunder in the background.

So I’ll echo Antigen: when you’re done with your storm, send it over this way eh?

<< Sith happens. >>

We had a heckuva storm last night. Some ridiculous amout of rain, a few inches in an hour as well as some nasty nasty lightning and thunder. I normally love thunderstorms, but this one resulted in me having to go in to work until 4AM to repair and troubleshoot some electronics that got fried by a lightning strike.

We’re supposed to have more storms this afternoon. I think I’ll just send’em your folks way if you don’t mind.

I think I will pass on the thunderstorms. Living in Dallas, Texas, when we get a thunderstorm, it normally contains very large sized hail and a few possible tornados.

Yep, I think I shall pass on those. I wouldn’t mind a mild summer shower though.

Chicago 'burbs here, and we’ve been getting warned of storms for the past week, while it stays dry as hell…

I know, I’ll go wash the car, that always makes it rain!

We had some boomers late afternoon and early evening up here, but nothing big–just a lot of crashing and rumbling, not too much rain.

I’m holding out for today, hopefully we’ll get drenched. crosses fingers

There were several significant lightning strikes here in Luton. One hit the hospital, apparently. One hit near enough work to cause significant disruption - a colleague was called in and didn’t leave until 03:00.

I unplugged everything shortly after posting my OP.