Son of Sam: Denied Parole Again

Okay, this could easily be a Pit thread. On the other hand, this is about as mindless as it can get around here, and I doubt if I’ll actually have a point, so let’s start with this AP release concerning one Mr. David Berkowitz, aka The Son of Sam serving six consecutive life prison terms for murdering six people, wounding seven more in 1976-77. He was apparently taking orders from his neighbor Sam’s dog. And some of you people think pit bulls are bad :stuck_out_tongue: .
This is only his second time up for parole - he’s got to the point where the parole board has to schedule a hearing every two years whether they want to or not - kind of like Charles Manson and the Cielo Drive gang. Of course Berkowitz doesn’t want parole:

Manson uses the same routine. He consistantly reminds us that if he ever got out, we would surely be sorry big-time, he sez, trying to chill us to the bone. Sorry Charlie, we’re not afraid of you no more.
Berkowitz, on the other hand, has a different riff going, and wants us to know what a good christian he’s become hanging out behind maximum security walls. The news article dutifully points us to his website
where you can find out all about what wonderful guy he could have been and has become.
Okay, I know some people can find themselves in spirituality and all, and, with christians anyway, forgiveness from virtually all trangressions (six people shot dead with a .44) can be achieved. Judge not, ya know. And it was only that “train-wreck” curiosity that made me peek at his page in the first place.
But there’s this other link that asks you to listen as:

Poor choices :rolleyes: . I mean, I got a cat that tells me what to do, but even I wouldn’t take orders from a dog :cool: . But did you click the link? It takes you to Dr. James Dobson’s, Focus on the Family page :eek: . Wow!
Like the bank robber who knows where the money is, I suppose that if you’re in the salvation business, you just gots to go where the sinners are. And I guess is as good a place as The Crime Library to check up on your favorite serial killers. Hey, even Charlie Manson had a family.

To quote Lyle Lovett…

So who says he’ll forgive you
And says that he’ll miss you
And dream of your sweet memory?
God does
But I don’t.
God will
But I won’t.
And that’s the difference
Between God and me.

To be fair to David Berkowitz…

Nothing you quoted from his letter to Pataki smacks of the bravado and bragging that is attributed to Charles Manson. He sounds like someone who is aware of his limitations and responsibilities, not someone who is trying to terrorize us from behind Big House walls.

Was it really “poor choices” that led to his crimes, or was it illness? Anyone who takes orders from a dog would probably benefit from psychoactive drugs. Let’s hope he’s got some.

I think David should go free. He seems like he’s awful sorry about it all…

God can and will forgive anyone who asks and is sincere, no matter how many murders they commited.
That said, that doesn’t mean one should be let out of jail.

David will be free when he dies and then goes to Heaven(if he is sincere, I don’t know his heart).
No one is too far gone for God to not forgive them.

I am. :cool:

Is Berkowitz still claiming it was a conspiracy? He was as recently as 1997.

This is an interesting read if nothing else. It was posted on Fark…from the Smoking Gun.

Here’s his homepage. Very freaky stuff.