Son, you got a dead animal on yer head.

“mountain man” head gear


Way too cool. Thank you hillbillyqueen, for my halloween attire.

Oh, well, that’s one way to stick a couple o’ hundred bucks on your head. The dead coyote looks suitably POed, as well … :rolleyes:

All I can say is “Oogey” and Thank God I am not a straight male.

I knew exactly what that was from the thread title.

I got the Cabela’s Christmas catalog just yesterday, and saw that thing and cracked up! There’s actually lots of stuff in that catalog that I would want, but that is not one.

:eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

Oh, yeh, I can just imagine the conversation that’d get started, say, at a PETA meeting.

I love you Hillbilly Queen.

Incidentally, the guy wearing the coyote hat bears a marked resemblence to my Sweety. Hmm.

He should’ve stuck with a Poodle Hat.

Haha! That coyote is humping the guy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I am a straight male and I don’t want one either!

Is it just me, or does wearing a dead coyote on your head apparently cause you to fall asleep standing up.

The Fur Hats With Faces are nice, too.

What’s the statement? It reminds me of Katherine Helmond’s character in Brazil.


Where’s my Amex?

Geez, I wonder if I know any rendezvous black-powder re-enactment enthusiasts? Would I know if I did?

sure ya would, twickster, they would be the guys wearing the secret dead animal hat, with smudges on thier faces.

Screw PETA

Oh lawd. My boss is a strong customer at Cabelas’. I can’t wait to show him that picture. He’ll just hoot. Not even he, the mighty killer of fowl (that’s all he hunts…ducks, geese, pheasant, etc.) is that big a nutcase as to wear something like that.

Well, he might if it was a duck. Wouldn’t that be attractive? I’d be fired for laughing my lungs up. Heh…and it’d be worth it.

I just found what I’ll be wearing to the KC Zoofest next week. :rolleyes:

I love the way he’s staring down the rifle barrel as if thinking, “This is the dangerous end, right?”

Especially if it was this duck hat.

I was wondering–do models get hazardous duty pay? Are there any Dopers here who worked as models and refused to wear certain items because they were just too stupid? How much integrity do real models have not to wear something that is that laughable? I thought I’d hock up a lung, I was laughing so hard. That poor guy looked like he was trying to convice himself to pull the trigger.